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*On SL - GracelessAngel*
Looking For: Friendship

Update: 7/20/2019

Never really on IMVU anymore. Or Second Life, though I can be found there more often. User name is GracelessAngel there. If you want to get a hold of me, you can find me on discord. The handle is listed below in my contacts and it might take a bit for it to register that it works, but it will get there. If you have trouble adding me, send a DM with your handle and I will add you.

Haven't really written on my novel for nearly three years. Mostly due to stress and RL issues. But I've gotten 66,526 / 80,000 words and have about 5 spin off novels as well as a sequel in the works.

I am a multi fandom Kpop fan, following around 55 groups with about 155 favorite idols among those groups. Since I've been having issues with writing my novel, I have been writing a lot of Kpop fanfics. Previously, I was afraid to post my kpop fanfics online, but I have since done so, and they can be found on Archive Of Our Own, or Ao3, located at the link below

Neamh Cridhe's Works

My novel can still be found on Wattpad, but I have also added it to Ao3 as well, since that is where I am currently writing the rest of the fics.

Wattpad handler: @NeamhCridhe

That's pretty much it for this time around, have a safe and fun day/night.

Peace, Love, and Kisses.

Special Someone
HeavensFallenOne has no special someone.

I am taken by my best friend of 12 years now, and completely happy. We have our ups and downs, but what relationship doesn't. It has been 2 years since he finally came around and admitted his feelings. About time if you ask me, LOL. Not looking to play around with anyone, mostly because I could care less about anyone that isn't family at this point. Too many people like to betray me, so I gave up putting effort into something that doesn't last.

Peace, Love, and Kisses.

Contact Me

Here's a list of my social media handles, if you are interested in following or contacting me outside of IMVU.



Neamh Cridhe#6560




~*~NeamhCridhe~*~ or Heavensfallenone



Skype: (I prefer using discord over Skype)

Peace, Love, and Kisses.

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Name: ηєαмн cяidнє AKA Ƙιттɛƞ, Ǥяαcɛ (I hate my real name, so I prefer not to use it.)

Age/DOB: 35, August 6th

IMVU DOB: Dec 12th, 2006, but didn't start actively using it until March 2007

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual, prefer males over females, but personality wins over all.

Species: Shapeshifter, prefer animal on IMVU, currently human on SL

Mate/Status: Happily taken. Only looking for friendship.

Occupation: Multi-Fandom Kpop Fan. writer. Freelance Artist.

Peace, Love, and Kisses.

My Wish List

Yup, that's the wishlist, feel free to send a gift if you choose.

Nope, I'm not looking for handouts, or even asking. I could care less. I'm not on here much to really care if anyone does decide to gift me something. It's there if people want to or not.

Peace, Love, and Kisses.

Z~ M/F Zopi-B GogglesZ~ Dark Frost Anna*W* Prim SlimZ~ Fe. Kini. TibraZ~ Fe. Fur. Tibra
Z~ Fe. Tibra PawsZ~ Tibra Shoulder TuftZ~ Fe. Tibra ClawZ~ Tibra Wrist TuftZ~ M/F Tibra Ear 5
Z~ Fe. Hair. Tibra 3Z~ M/F Tibra Tail CurlCa|Z| Fe. GaZe Hair 5|Z| Fe. GaZe Fur|Z| Fe. GaZe Claw
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