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Welcome to my HP, as from May 2020 I have upgraded my Layout, to add a few extra buttons, one very big one is a Creator one, a beginners guide since I had quite s few people ask me about it, so check it out before messaging me, most of the time I wont have the time to go in depth but I hope it helps :)
Originally Tier Level 6 for 6-7 years before this new shitty Tier levels came in
Hello, my name is Danae I was born and raised in Australia I am a self confessed Geek. I love Anime, Manga, Asian Dramas and mermaids. I like to think myself as approachable and kind and I always try find positive in everything and make others smile, but I don’t take anyone shit nor can deal with people that don’t act mature and decent.. AKA just be you and chill and I wont need to be a cunt I love cute pastel kawaii stuff and rainbows, pink unicorns, mermaids etc and on the other spectrum I love dark, morbid thing, blacks, coffin death and murder taste/interest wise.. I stick to being me and not someone I'm not, im real life style is Causal Rockabilly (just need to practice makeup skills lol but my hair is to long and thick to be styled) so I just love wearing the clothes :) and I love me some 80s Classic Cheesy Music (Hense my music play list in the background) My music taste is bipolar, Cheesy 80’s to Rock/metal etc there is no in between, so when you see my avatar on here, pretty much the same ill be dressed in black or pink and girly, which explains my Shop on IMVU lol --Oh I have to say I am a mega introvert, and will go very silent if to many people in a room, esp if I cannot keep up with conversation, I tend to back off till its easier for me to mental able to cop, so don’t take to heart or think im ignoring, normally I would miss a reply because im going something else, but I do love to chat lol less people talking all at once lol sorry xD--


Normally we can name so many popular devs that we know and love so much like KisaTheCutie, and she is amazing dev but I want to link some of the diamonds in the ruff, that are worth mentioning that I grew to Love in people form and artist form and ill forever update this section with new creators

For my texture you need to be at least a beginner or basic knowledge on a paint program To help get started on making your own catalog on IMVU, my texture are here to edit, change, resize if needed, DIY only your imagination is your limit. I created "add your own wallpaper/patterns" on walls among some premade ones And many other textures What you will get: 26x blank DIY walls 32x premade wall 44x Pvc textures 57x accessories/misc which include windows/doors include different versions etc 7x Shades of Grey (for make item or wall to very transparent or just a little) and more bonus textures Link here: https://sellfy.com/heavenlee Click here to purchase Room Textures
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Please message this lovely lady, whom is my new coder
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