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Originally Tier Level 6 for 6-7 years before this new shitty Tier levels came in,
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PLAGIARIZE Hello, im Danni from Australia in Victoria, a little more about me, I often describe myself as an extreme introvert, that normally keeps to myself or stay quiet in a room with many people, as I like 2-3 people then you'll see my personality shine. I find myself creating on here to express my creative side, for the most part I am friendly till give me a reason otherwise then I will express my feelings. I would say I am a bit of a geek, I will Geek out to various things, such at anime,Monster high or Mermaids maybe a few other things too. My tastes are very much bipolar I got from cutesy pink to black dark as in skulls or rainbows, and even same goes for my music tastes I love good old cheesy classics of the 80s but opposite end I do like my rock, and lil bit industrial and couple guilty pleasures. likes-and-dislikes

Normally we can name so many popular devs that we know and love so much like Kisa, and she is amazing dev but I want to link some of the diamonds in the ruff, that are worth mentioning that I grew to Love in people form and artist form, and I will always encourage new Creators

---Public Service Announcement!!---
Ok, so I been told by many strangers, that I am rude to people that ask for free stuff, and the answer is yes! my reasoning is, my homepage the one you are on now has a few free stuff. I am lit giving away FREE premade Homepages, that I know others cannot afford to get a custom, so here is me giving away homepages, my labour that went into making them, I cannot control the cost of a coder and I do not expect them to do it for free when its not my work or labor, but on my end it is. I have badges that I 100% funded myself to give back to people, thats like 50k per tile for others that don’t know. If you want to start creating I given you free textures or link too hair and room, and ideas how to start. So when you come into my private messages asking me, can I make free custom layouts/items, or ask for a gift.. it feels like a kick in the face, I give people an inch then, but request/demand a mile its not on. My custom layouts I did not even ask for labor costs, I kept that as low as I can, for you guys sake. All I ask is think before you message me, I truly as nicest person when I don’t feel like people are taking advantage of me or having the thought to ask for free stuff. DON'T BE A CHOOSING BEGGER free-meme
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