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Avatar since: 2005-08-31
Age: 29
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"How much difference does it make?"

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So, you decided to waste your time that you could be spending in a constructive way on my pathetic page?
It's not going to change your life, I promise.
Actually, you could press that charming 'back' button right now.
I mean, do it.

You're still here?
You're gonna regret it later, I swear.

Anyway, since you have nothing better to do with your life then waste about 5 minutes of it on my page that isn't really worth it, let's find out why, shall we?
And if due to some unbelieveable coincidence, your reson for visiting was different form all the above, tell me about it. I'm really dying to know.
  • My personality fascinates you (hey wait. we both know that it does not. It's just what I like to tell myself when I'm down. {just to let you know - I'm never down. sometimes there just comes a moment when I realise my personality doesn't really fascinate anyone, especially you} sad, isn't it?>
  • My supposed-to-be-eye-catching "look I've got Gimp and a lot of time to waste, yet I have no life" avatar brought you here.
    It did?
    Do me favor, an get a better taste. Now.
  • Lorene's personality fascinates you enough to to read all her telegrams, which means that you have seen all the cheap gift I've given her because I had nothing better to do, and you hope to get yourself one.
    So, you really think I'm gonna send you gifts?
    I will.
    But only if I am convinced that I luv U the way I luv Lorene.
    And I don't.
    Because nie ma nietoperzu, ja! (you don't get it? Lorene does, and you shouldn't really expect me to care about you)
  • You've seen my undoubtly intriguing tagline and decided to check if it does any difference to me.
    I doesn't. .
    Get along with it.
  • You consider my avatar name especially interesting (ask sashacrush what is so interesting about it)

  • So, you've gone through all the words that I have to say about myself and suddenly realized you didn't learn anything about me at all?
    I think you deserve to know it. Just for you determination.

    I am pathetic (but not as much as you are - for reading it all

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    The things that you are dying to give me.
    Go ahead, make my day.
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    People that really should get a life.
    I suggest right now.
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    The few that pretend they care enough.

    I know they don't.
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    Here are some as-pathetic-as-I-am products, that you are dying to own.

    Admit it.

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    I do not wish to be labeled. Nor locked in tables.
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