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hi welcome to my page please check out my Products in my shop also i sell files textures for you to create in your catalog please check my store out https://payhip.com/IMVUTextureStore/collection/all any question message me on gothabillyviximvu@gmail.com

my name is Vickie im from the UK london im mum of two children and mum to 2 cats and 62 reptiles :) , i been on IMVU nearly 12 years now and been a creator for at least 8 of them years , i have a another account called Batwing feel free to add me on both accounts im friendly helpful and kind so please do not be afraid to message for a chat .

i have a few people i can actually call my friends i mean true realist friends they been my friend from day started here

love of my life / bestie in real and online is Gypsycrow check out her shop if your a furry she's deffo one to shop at .
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o-1fhgp51qol4nqfp1j1djm2sc3c https://payhip.com/IMVUTextureStore < click here
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