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My good bestest friend in the hole world, that has been there for me no matter what. She has my love, and my loyalty. My heart, belongs to her all ways. My dear Kitty..
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My good bestest friend in the hole world, that has been there for me no matter what. She has my love, and my loyalty. My heart, belongs to her all ways. My dear Kitty..
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I am the all mighty Sephiroth mwahahahahaha!!! Bow before me!!!

I love to roleplay and crosplay, I only do adult roleplays you have to be 18 are older. I roleplay on Facebook as well. I did all my own art work.. My personality is cold, But I am not heartless. I have few friends even,I do not trust meany. My trust is not something that is just given. It is earned, Do Not! Mistake my kindness for Weakness!. All though I have a cold exterior I am fun loving when you get past it, I all so have a sadistic sense of humor. I am intelligent and respectful to those that earn it. I am loyal and friendly with a select few. I am confident to the point of arrogance, ya I am trying to work on that. I am calm, and collected, and in control. I can be frustrated and caught off guard, but this rarely happens. I enjoy sushi, and baijiu liquor, and Hpnotiq. I am not the kind to be getting drunk. But sometimes to hell with it. What I like, well you will just have to find out. If you don't like me, Hmph.. I don't give a damn..."
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Second Life
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Dragon's prophet - GodSephiroth
Ingress - GodSephiroth
Wings of Destiny - GodSephiroth
Istaria - GodSephiroth
Mindcraft - God_Sephiroth
....Servers you can find me on...
( play.duskcraft.com )
( play.synchrocraft.us )

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