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3.25.2013 sooo hi. i'm really busy with my classes and don't have a lot of time for this. however i'm on spring break now! lately i've been developing a strong liking for cars. ever since i got my lancer, i've been getting into the modding scene. JDM 4 LYFE YO!
12.22.2012 I SURVIVED 12/21 BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSS. however i was secretly hoping for a zombie apocalypse. i wonder how stupid those people feel that spent thousands of dollars to protect themselves and nothing happened...
12.14.2012 first semester of college is over! that really flew by. next thing you know i'll be a nurse :'] anyway next semester is going to suck balls. a 5 credit class... i'm going to die D: good part is that i've taken that class in highschool so i should have some sort of knowledge i hope o.O i have 3 other classes but they arent as hard. on a different note, guys are confusing and they piss me off. i'm also hungry. ITS ALMOST CHRISTMASSSSSSS okaybye

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