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The antagonist to every story.
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Lecture for the time being:
Fix it.
There's a problem, so fix it.
Identify the cause, but don't look for someone to blame.
Inform people who need to know, but don't bitch and complain.
The blame game never helped anyone, and sitting around filling your blogs & profile pages with how hopeless & terrible the world is never brought us any closer to a better future.

And before you "fix" the "problem" accept that you might be wrong about this, and take that into consideration when "fixing" things. Make sure the damage your "fix" could cause is less than the damage your "problem" is causing.

And stop being so goddamn nihilistic just because you're not religious! There are tons of incredible things worth living for, you pouty little runt.
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Mini Rant:
People with excessive negativity and moping in their interests section and profile are so goddamn boring I swear if I see another one I'll slip into a coma.
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