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Welcome! Yes, you fortunate person, you have stumbled upon the lair of one of IMVU's very first science fiction texture developers! I was there when messages were left on homepages and the catalog did not have a single camo-colored jacket in it. I'm from the wild and exciting days before Peer Review, when Developers roamed the catalog, and bobbleheads lurked in Buckstars.

In offline life, I make costumes too, and attend renfaire, comic con, and local historic education events. That's just one of my many hobbies!

Much has changed on IMVU since I first joined, and I am currently working on updating my catalog icons and description pictures to make things easier to locate in the inventory. I am also making some repairs to old items, and doing some touch ups on old pixelly textures. Some of those old things are really showing their age! I'm also planning to start making new stuff for my scifi lines...and maybe starting a new fantasy line, too! So many awesome new meshes out there to play with. I'm so excited, I hardly know where to begin!

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I chat mainly through pms, until I get to know you. When I'm online, I'm pretty much always developing or getting catalog pictures.

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