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Hi i am GRANNMA, and winter is coming, I need to buy some spikes for my wheelchair so I don't slip on the ice. Plus i need to get some cute little lawn ornaments to decorate my lawn. I caught a child stealing my lawn ornaments once and locked them in the basement, but they escaped! Please do not send me copy and paste messages as they do not work, also, my wishlist is not for you to buy things, but other then a list of things i want to buy myself. Make sure to use freespin and check new products daily as you earn free credits that way LOVE GRANNMA
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Looking For: Chatting
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IF you want to join my group The Shoe, please leave a message in PRIVATE on my homepage, I will consider your message, as I am WELL AWARE that not all people ARE who they say they are, GRANNMA has been around the IMVU block a few times in her wheelchair, so don't try to fool me, I will REPORT YOU TO IMVU STAFF IMMEDIATLY Other then that Have fun LOVE GRANNMA
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Barron Vine Polo FBarron White G. Juice🍓Strawberry Sexy HandMD.Manic Set {Stiletto}Baby Hair Add  Aqua 1
Savior Lou LouD.D. Catering BagD.D. English MuffinDonuts to FrostD.D. Whole Milk
D.D. Bunny EarsD.D. Bunny NoseD.D. Easter BasketNo Pose Choc. Donut F.Blue Mint Lollipop
Baby Hair Add Red 2Brow RedReckless Love Grey FBird Falcon HairMarble Hair
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