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Hello I'm sorry that my images have gone due to Photobucket's new rubbish

I don't go on imvu pretty much at all these past years since my irl boyfriend died his imvu name sleepingsparrow more information on his page if you want to know but please still feel free to grab yourself a free badge

if you're one of my longest friends on my imvu i have a Facebook account and I use messenger if you'd like to add me and chat just say your imvu name tho just incase xx

Yes i do still look at my inbox and read my messages but it can be a longish wait for a reply as i don't always check on them per day its more like 4 months or more but i will try and get back to you even if it is late! *And if you were a previous customer who lost their icon's I've made for them or badge's/banners/images...etc please don't hesitate to ask as i do still keep hold of those images for just in case ♥

Cursor and Glitter trail codes!

Highlight the coding in the box
Remove the ♥ to use the code's to work on your homepage

<♥style type="text/css"> /* cursor made by imvustylez.net */ body {cursor: url(http://i64.tinypic.com/f1axk7.jpg), default;} <♥/style>

Cursor image made by DontObey
Cursor Coding made by www.imvustylez.net

The glitter scatter effect isn't mine
I forgot where i found it but it was given out for free

<♥script type="text/javascript"> // <♥![CDATA[ var colour="#FFFFFF"; var sparkles=120; /**************************** * Tinkerbell Magic Sparkle * * (c) 2005 mf2fm web-design * * http://www.mf2fm.com/rv * * DON'T EDIT BELOW THIS BOX * ****************************/ var x=ox=400; var y=oy=300; var swide=800; var shigh=600; var sleft=sdown=0; var tiny=new Array(); var star=new Array(); var starv=new Array(); var starx=new Array(); var stary=new Array(); var tinyx=new Array(); var tinyy=new Array(); var tinyv=new Array(); window.=function() { if (document.getElementById) { var i, rats, rlef, rdow; for (var i=0; i <♥/script>

Gnar Art <3 Supernatural's Shop <3 Supernatural's Homepage

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The girls & guys of Snatch are dressed to showcase our lovely devs! Why not have a peek at the Sponsor banners in the clubs and go on a wild shopping spree, or indulge in a saucy one-on-one lap dance from one of our sexy dancers? We have something for all tastes!

!Holographic-Brunette-F!Holographic-DontObey-F!Holographic-F!Holographic-Blonde-F!Snow~Lady Outfit!SnowLady~Hood
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Special Someone
https://gyazo.com/07c3d27547eb30df9b447a59cb91485d He's my best friend and i love him to pieces even tho he annoys the f*** out of me XD i wouldn't be without him he's just brilliant Loves You Sugarcookie o3o
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Hurd about Me making Icon's or Badge's??

••• I make Icon's, badge's and pixel art stickers •••
••• click Private customs button for info, pricing and to see preview's of past creations •••


. ♥ - ♥ . Icon Freebies :: NOT FOR RESALE! . ♥ - ♥ .
 photo Free-Background-1_zpsxkcshm88.png  photo Free-Background-2_zpsvkrsk6gd.png  photo Free-Background-5_zpsedu5ccxx.png  photo Free-Background-3_zpsdglxdxzu.png  photo Free-Background-4_zpsq0rqkjvz.png  photo Free-Background-6_zpsrrujoq32.png  photo Free-Background-7_zpsguhzpgsm.png  photo Free-Background-8_zps54jcpqsx.png  photo Free-Background-12_zpsq6bc0p9o.png  photo Free-Background-14_zpsywdsbse0.png  photo Free-Background-13_zpsom09qdl1.png  photo Free-Background-11_zpsmja2n0h0.png  photo Free-Background-10_zpsfb0uid3e.png  photo Free-Background-9_zpszfvnwbxf.png  photo Free-Border-1_zpsjbl6gnzz.png  photo Free-Border-2_zpsjrbxcuea.png  photo Free-Border-3_zpsgpgwsjr0.png  photo Free-Border-4_zps6fmjqyza.png  photo Free-Border-5_zps8l2tvjzb.png  photo Free-Border-8_zpsdwisrx37.png  photo Free-Border-6_zpsidihc9h9.png  photo Free-Border-7_zpswgoprnu2.png  photo Free-ComingSoon-Sign-3_zpsmnersjw4.png  photo Free-Loading-Sign-1_zpsbupywc1o.png  photo Free-PendingImage-Sign-2_zps5ixodfcq.png


layout coded by

I always use code's from gaf210 I recommend them they are excellent


• • • DontObey's Quick And Easy Hair Shop Request's! • • •


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I made My Badges , hp layout image, hp Background, Banners, Icon's and support stickers ♥

♥::Free Badge Images::♥

->> Photobucket <<- // ->> Photobucket <<- // ->> Photobucket <<- // ->> Photobucket <<-


yes the last two are animated and animation does'nt work with the imvu badges but I did this so that You can save the image and edit it on Your photoshop/GIMP it should show in different layers and You can edit them on Your photoshop/or/GIMP making a one layer image for Your small badge. These 20x20 badge images are FREE to use as Your own but DON'T RESELL as these are FREE to use and are made by Me

-DontObey- ♥ *Alison*


Hi I'm DontObey

My real name is Alison

*middle name is Jane*

My nicknames are Ally and AJ

My birthday is May 18th

I live in England/Uk *Horsham* google map it if You want to know where that is xD

I'm a family orientated person

I have a great sence of humor I like to think very british/Irish

I'm a qutar Irish

I like to create thing's

I love art and anything to do with it

I'd like to go to college one day (hopefully this year or next year) and do art and design then move on from that when I'm able to

[Seeing someone] < .< ... > . > it just kinda happened but its gewd :D

Disney movies are the best xD My fav Disney princess movie is the little mermaid I always used to pretend I was a mermaid when I was swimming or even in the bath as a kid like in splash the movie hehe

But My fav all time movie is Labyrinth I loved David bowie in it I would love to own a dancing music doll like sarah had in the movie as well hopefully one day I'll have one ^_^

Never be afraid to message me because I love to talk to people!! I'm not a scary person :P

but seriously if you wanna chat send me a message and I'll take a moment of my time to reply to you maybe even be friends ♥♥♥

and if your thinking about having something made by me please do ask me I'd love to help!


colour, glitter, technology, having in depth conversations, laughing, spring flowers, tulips of every colour and snowdrops are My fav, sleeping, randomness, saying boobs in every imvu chat, randomly chaning a chat to something dirty and acting innocent, art any kind, creating, pixeling, drawing, knitting, sewing, photoshop, pizza, all kinds of fruit, love my veggi tables :I love em, family guy, simpsons, big bang theory, x men, super heros, world of warcraft, making peoples days better, being around people, making people feel important, banter, fun insults that don't hurt people thats just for a laugh, blue is My fav colour then pink as My second, rainbow's, lot's of different styles, water guns, ball pit's, trampolines, swimming, raspberry jelly, cats, dogs, rats, summer when it's not too cold but not too hot and all you need is a light cardi on and it's light out till 10pm, night owl, freash grass smell in the spring, Dior pure poison perfume, cute and floofeh things o 3 o, red bull, talkative people, friendly people :3, Goths, Kawaii, furries, monies :D, making new friends, blue eyes, Love,


zombies they just freak me out, spiders, creepy crawlies, snakes, my rl mother, time... it goes too fast D:, being sick bleh, death :I, people assuming things rather than just asking Me, being alone on My own, needy people, being taken for granted, snow... got stuck in the car for 12hr's because of it omg it was bad 5people stuck in a small car isn't good, guns and weppons, morning's, freezing cold weather, way too hot weather, sunburn, windburn, mushrooms, brusslesprouts, drugs, anoying alarms, tooth ache, when My nail get's bent back all the way o . o;;, losing things, fights, anger, mice, when things break, not being given the chance to have My say, word's being taken out of My mouth when I wasn't going to say them, chores, cleaning,

I'ma add more stuff on here later ;o


If you don't see yourself on here it's either because I don't have You added or I don't know who You are :S [Currently needs updating! so dont worry]

Everyone here are on My friend's list cheack them out they are great creators!

Pictures of My family irl

I love them soo much they are everything to Me! ^_^

My step mum, step sis and step nanny

 photo Pic-9_zps65559928.png

My step sis and Dad bro fisting x . x;; lol

 photo Pic-10_zpsd26c3343.png

My step mum

 photo Pic-14_zps09a52bbd.png

My sister

 photo Pic-11_zpsc9441a4a.png

My Dad with My neice

 photo Pic-12_zpsaf4235a8.png

My nephew

 photo Pic-13_zpsc7fb7455.png

Minnie the cat she loves watching tv and playing cat mouse games on youtube

 photo Minnie-the-Cat-2_zpsbq4erfad.png

Siobhan the cat *nicknamed shitty Siobhan* She loves drinking from the bathroom tap

 photo shibby_zpsrhumlevv.png

My Banner's with Code's just scroll down ^_^

Click on the Code Box to Highlight then press Ctrl + C to copy or right mouse click and copy a banner code

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Tamantha7 Banner's

~*Wabbity's Stuffy Stuff*~ *Click*


Real picture's of Me ^_^

 photo SillyAlly-Pics_zps6zqjeimk.png  photo AJPurple_zps174abd06.png  photo Pic-1_zpsd0719300.png  photo Pic-2_zpsb114d3ab.png  photo Pic-3_zps01668316.png  photo Pic-4_zps2c47069e.png  photo Pic-5_zps308639c0.png  photo Pic-6_zpsf3adee35.png  photo Pic-7_zps121764e8.png  photo Pic-8_zpsa7c8acfa.png

don't send Me hate messages on how I look You'll just get blocked and reported tysm

if You'd like to draw or make Me anything I will put the image's here ♥♥♥
Hand drawn by Hedwig on http://www.gasrforum.com
 photo DontObeyDrawing_zps8nzrhmoa.png
made by Uliel on http://www.gasrforum.com *He doesn't have imvu but please do cheack out his art shops*
 photo DontObey-Uliel_zpshocheinq.jpg
Drawn by blackroselldblackroselld
 photo glitterbg_zps3hh2ttku.png
her shop *click*

My Shared Badge

 photo Gnar-Badge-Banner_zpszmd1h8z7.pngGnar-Badge-ClickToBuy_zpswp1modum.png

My Badge's


 photo DontObey-Badge_zpsc73d67ae.gif
-DontObey Support Badge- On Auto Grant

 photo SeasonsInABottleBadge-sample_zpssh4bnt4b.png
Winter/Summer/Spring in a bottle-Part-1 and Part 2 On Auto Grant

*it changes with the season but I don't have autumn yet*

click Happy the frog to buy this badge

 photo DontObeyShop-Closed_zps263273ea.gif

~ Pricing and Info ~

The more time, effort and pixel stuff I put into making the Item the longer it can take Me to make it for You

::For a private custom Icon::

10,000 Credit's + Pending Icon with it

::For a private custom Badge::

Badge 1 tile 5k

Badge 2 tiles 7k

Badge 3 tiles 9k

Badge 4 tiles 10k

Badge 6 tiles 12k

::For a private custom small pixel sticker image::

1,000 Credits as a sticker

2,000 for You to keep as an image and have as a sticker

here is the link to view and buy My stickers



If You have any idea's of what You want/any colour preference's/and any reference image's

(help Me for pixeling/Making it) please tell/Link Me.

Things I've done in the past

http://s153.photobucket.com/user/black_kitty18/library/Art For Imvu

I never ask for payment before You've seen a sample of the finished Icon/Banner/Badge because You may not be happy with it and it make's it more easy this way ♥

Contact Me if Your interested in a private custom if I am unable to take the order (as it's too had to make or will take too long or busy in real)

if I am busy in real try and wait till I can eventually get to You ♥♥♥



Groups -thumbs up-

This takes You to the DontObey-Group chat room
*copy and paste the link below*
I love listening to coldplay everytime I create something it gives Me inspiration and helps prevent artistic block please enjoy ♥

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