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So cute, I'll rot your teeth out. c;
I apologize for all the missing images on my product pages. Photobucket sucks and I'm working to reuplolad them all, but it's going to take a long time... Please bear with me.
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!E! Aki Kini (M)!E! Aki (M)!E! Aki Hip Fur!E! Aki Leg Fur!E! Aki Shoulder Fur!E! Aki Arm Fur
My Wish List
[HIME] Inochi Eyes[HIME] Fei Eyes[HIME] Ever Eyes[HIME] Coral Eyes[HIME] Neige Paws
[HIME] Neige Tail[HIME] Neige RLL Shape[HIME] Neige Arm Pearls[HIME] Neige Arm Pearls[HIME] Neige Leg Pearls
[HIME] Neige Pearls[HIME] Neige Hair[HIME] Neige Eyes[HIME] Neige Furry Skin[HIME] Neige Glasses
[HIME] Neige Skirt[HIME] Neige Ears[HIME] Neige Sea Shells[HIME] Neige Panties[HIME] Neige Top

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