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Avatar since: 2005-11-08
Age: 31
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"Whats poppin y\'all?"

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Alrighty... Where to start. Welcome to my domain. It's not the best. Chances are you wont like it. But tough cookies!! That's why it's my page. I do apologise about the loading time. If you have any suggestions about my page please feel free to tell me. Good or bad I listen to everything.

Ok. So you all want to know a little about me. Ok well I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Love it here. Lots of fun stuff to do. You can obviously tell what music I like..... But i dont have enough showing G-Unit or Gangsta Rap in general on my page. To pass time other then the usual male stuff I like In Car Audio Visual stuff. Computers. And Chilling with my mates. I apologise if there are any faults in my page as i am trying lots of different thigns on here. Sometimes shit may not work for me.
If you want to talk to me feel free to add my and hit me up any time im on. Sorry if i dont accept some invited 9/10 times its because im not near the computer. I'll Apologise for that now. Well........ Y'all enjoy my page ya' hear. Peace

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Thank you to all of you who give me items of my wish list. I appreciate it very much. I usually repay the favour if i have credits.

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Thank you to everyone who has visited my page before. I do hope you will return one day

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