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Your name is DIRK.

Holy SHIT do you love PUPPETS.

You possess the extreme dexterity to operate your FALSE FRIENDS UNSEEN, that is, when they are not pre-ambulatory through your LOVINGLY IMBUED MECHANIZATION. You dig writing COGNITIVE ALGORITHMS FOR SAID APOCRYPHAL MEN, and you think maybe that's FUCKIN' DOPE. Guess what else is dope? Everything ELSE YOU DO. You're a sickwicked autodidact on ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS, a selfmade MASTER OF MYTHOLOGUE, and a PRETERNATURAL POPCULTURE ACADEME.

If you weren't so DAMN ALOOF and actually let people GET A LOAD, you might get described all kindsa ways. Maybe tagged as a RENAISSANCE NINJA, PHILOSOPHER PRINCE, and FLASHSTEP PUPPETEER. Or perhaps a PANTHEONIC IRONICIST, GANGSTA LOGICIAN, LUCID WAKER and DERSITE SPY. Screw descriptors though, as if the shits you give ain't nil. You're cool with dabbling in the FINE SEQUENTIAL ARTS, and your work could be viewed by some as BORDERLINE PORNOGRAPHIC. And to those philistines you'll be heard wondering, what the fuck do you mean BORDERLINE?

Against the better judgment of one your age, you BUILD ROBOTS, SET THEM TO KILL MODE, AND SPAR WITH THEM TO DEATH. That is, when you're not SENDIFICATING THEM TO FRIENDS, or DUELING THEM WITH RAP LYRICS. But you try to cool it on the deathmatch stuff when your BRO is looking, which is virtually NEVER. And considering he's had a reputation staked on some order of MARTIAL NOBILITY, this strikes you as a STAGGERING OVERSIGHT IN BROTHERLY VIGILANCE. You don't have the HEART to hold it against him, though.

What will you do?

Want to know more about me? I'm sure you could ask. I know I'm not online a whole lot anymore so. I'll just profile myself further than my basic avatar card. Yeah, I know. "Ugh. Typical roleplayer profile. Boring." Here's your little chance to read some things about me.

I love video games. I am in many fandoms and have many interests. I sometimes do art. Learn programming. And build my currently thin voice-acting portfollio. I aspire to voice act but that's not exactly the easiest thing to step right on into. I'm usually busy or distracted but appreciate the sentiment of messages especially on my birthday. I also frequent anime as well as fandoms and in Cosplay. I used to dabble in roleplay a lot too. My favorite types of games? Usually ones by Bethesda. Favorite Genre? Comedy mostly. I'm sure you expected action because swords. Normally you'd be right on that but my type of sword-fought comedy approval comes from bizarre sources. Monty Python for starters. My favorite colors? Orange, gold/yellow, black. If rainbow could of counted that too. Speaking of rainbow, I do actually like My Little Pony. Rainbowdash is my favorite pony. My favorite types of gifts? Art. Even people who hate me I kept the art they made me. As for hate. Well. There's not a big list I have of people I hate. That takes too much energy. I can dislike people, their actions, or be indifferent though. Let me know if you have any questions of things you'd like to know about me in my inbox.

My friend circle maybe small, but looks big. I choose it to be like that. I like being around people but my true values in friends probably already know who they are.

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Quadrant FAQ:

Anon asks, "Can I be your [blank]?"

timaeusTestified answers:
Not currently looking for any romances. So most likely not.

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