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I hope you enjoy your visit to my page. There are graphics I've coded into my page and I have a lot of stickers on my page - not even half of all of the stickers I've purchased over the years or had gifted to me. If it is not looking right to you, you might either have a different size monitor or else you need to view my page in Chrome since I'm working on it in Chrome. I've updated some of my older products to be more pleasing to the eye - I still have a few more to do - I'm also working on creating new products by experimenting and will have new products in my catalog soon. UPDATED MARCH 7, 2016. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any products or if you have any requests, please message me.

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If you have any problems with or questions about my products, please send me a private homepage message.

(Di) Draperies 1(Di) Yummy Choco Poeress(Di) LE Radio Hutch(Di) LE Dining Table 1(Di) LE Modern Bed 1(Di) Diamondz 1
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PLEASE NOTE: The outfit worn in this photo is 100% GA compliant. Malicious homepage flagging is grounds for having your account disabled. I always comply with the IMVU guidelines, whether it be for my homepage, my avatar display picture, my avatar card, or my products and product pages. Please know, I also will file DMCA takedowns against anyone who steals my textures, avatar pictures, product pictures, and product icons.

Special Someone
Your friendship means more than anyone can know. You've been there when I've needed a friend. Even tho a lot of miles may separate us, we have become quite close. I'm honored to be your special someone here and your virtual partner in SL. Thank you for being a real friend.

My Wish List

My wishlist is huge - I put a lot of things in there so that I don't forget about things that I like and might either want in the future or want to gift to someone. Do not feel obligated to send gifts; however, all gifts are greatly appreciated.

*Eternitiy Drapes*Eternitiy Plant*Eternitiy  Plant 2*Eternitiy RugMystic Outfit GA
[Anry] Rhyana NailsBlack Stiletto NailsRose OutfitGold earringsGold Necklace
Denim BootsModern Point SetModern Point ChaiseModern Point Pictures frModern Point Table-Stool
Modern Point TableModern Point (C) chairModern Point BarDenim Jeansspacer
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