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March 23, 1985
Aries - Ox
5'5, chubby-185 lbs, long dark curly hair, dark eyes, pale/olive skintone

Very open to chatting with anyone,
including random strangers.
As long as you're polite
and can hold a consistant conversation.

The only thing I like about the bdsm themes is being a ropebunny,
everything else just seems annoying, predictable, and not genuwine.
Most say I seem like a "switch"
but I honestly don't feel I relate to either.

I think my highschool teacher pinned me the best:
"You're a rebel without a cause"
Maybe it'll all come together one day :o

Don't wanna mingle
With your dingle
that goes around to tinkle
in everyone's winkle

I'm not your pedo-mom,
manbabies are a turn off.
I'm not here to fix you.
Be an adult.

If you choose to b!tch about your problems everyday
but are too lazy and unmotivated to change,
you are going to give me homicidal urges.
Please stay away.

If you have to say you're alpha,
you're definitely beta lol

Don't agree with me just to win my favor.
Be yourself, respect yourself,
and pay attention to others around you.

Noc's my lil bro.
Only I can kick his annoying @ss

He checks up on me and always makes sure I'm ok.
Keeps trying to drag me into these gay little video games so I can be cool and hip.
And never lets me be sad :3
Luv ya, yu lil sh!t lol <3

DerpTato is McAwesomesauce
known him on here since...
I guess around the time I broke out of my noob shell :>
He's always chill and stays away from drama.
I try to let him rub off on me lol

All my friends in general are very cool,
each unique in their own ways
and they only have 2 things in common:
Me being their friend
and being fkn lazy lol

Go check my shop
I've got like... stuff in there, dude.

Head commissions are off right now
until I get things organized and previous orders finished.

Leaving my old heads alone,
BUT any new head meshes will no longer be derivable to the public and only sold in my shop.
I will only open my new meshes when devs stop stealing from me
by refusing to hide my disabled ffrisbee account mesh derives.
I only "open up" to trustworthy devs during this strike.
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