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Don't know how long this is going on, but this dude is donating all the profits he makes on the views for this specific video to help clean up trash. Either watch to help him donate or visit the YouTube page for a link to donate yourself directly.

Check them out! @B0MB right here with us in imvu! ♥♫ check their Shop too!

Check him out! @Vatriox right here with us in imvu! ♥♫ check his Spotify too!

The rest are just my own youtube playlists, I like this easy access ♥
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Please help yourself to trying on and buying any of my outfits! I love to help out! This is way easier than me sending you links lol
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I love... gifts lol But don't feel like you must gift me, it's just a sickness I have lol I'll never ask or expect it... but I do love the surprise of them deep down LOL But I do prefer other kinds of gifts, like support in my name and stuff ♥
! winter tracksuit pants! winter tracksuit topBlack Cut Dress✩ Acorn Fur♡ selfish heels ♡
fur platformFur Platform BootsYASMIN bootsWhite/Pink Camel-311Gray Camel 311 boots
BOOTS!!!!!Z0299374⚓ Holiday Bootscrystal coinpurseGlam Sweater V2Maxi BttnDown | Small
Maxi- Bra|Chelsea!Maxi |Flamingo|TopGlam Sweater V4Glam Sweater V3Maxi BttnDwn | VL
My Sandbox
So nice of imvu to give me my own toilet here o,o
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Please buy/gift and have fun.
I take custom requests: Msg me the price you're willing to pay and time limit.
! Double Sided TV INFO !! Double Sided TV INFO !Lamp Glow Pink Floor
Cocoa Castle Throne PinkBlack Couch Black 4seatsBlack Couch Black 4seats

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