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~♥ Welcome to my homepage! ♥~ enjoy ;3
Canada - Montreal
English - French
Nomadic Middle Eastern Gypsy Ancestrial Bloodline
Family - Greek/Syrian Orthodox Christian
33 years old
March 23 1985
Pisarian - Wood Ox
Lymphatic - Sanguine
Lazy - Eccentric
Outspoken/Clueless - Meticulous - Empath
I like socializing, just don't lag/crash me with your thousand outfit changes! lol My inbox is always open, so feel free to say hi :3 and wtv on your mind! hp background is what I think to be a wonderful display of horror, featuring furs I love :3
♥ Visit my Pulse

My Future Goals in IMVU!
I wish to accomplish each, whichever has the opportunity first!

1) Find a suitable target to donate my latest AdoptHead dozen set of meshes to! (check!)
The purpose I want this set to accomplish is for an organization to use their derive profits
to generate funding for anthro developers who cannot afford their product submissions.
Therefore encourage the anthro community business to grow on imvu
by supplying more business material to the catalog!

2) Save up enough credits to buy/create Anthro Creator Support Badges!
I want to make huuuge 10 square badges with different images!
Each badge is planned to have a different collection of mini banners in it's description.
This is to help advertise as many dev's shops as I can who need help in being found!

3) Finally finish my www.FurryOutfits.com website!
I believe that the way the imvu catalog is structured does not help customers find everything!
So the goal of my website will be to allow creators to freely upload their complete anthro sets
into organized categories of species, colors, themes, etc, where visitors can easily select
and search through our "catalog" in a more structured organized fashion! Therefore bringing back to life
the so many amazing furs that have been lost to us in the past, and relieving the stress among developers
of being forced to continue having to create new items constantly just to keep their tier level.
No more uphill battles! Less negative competition!
Everybody gets to shine as they were meant to be! Easier to earn and keep high tier levels due to making it easier to shop!

4) Create/Buy badges for FurryOutfits.com!
With these badges, I intend on advertising the website through imvu
by showing off some of the outfit sets devs have been submitting into the site, and provide links in their description of the products being used in the badges image!
Each badge will be a display of at least 2 anthro outfit sets, turning the image into a collab!
Really depends on how many credits I have at this point, but I'd at least want to make
a minimum size of 4 square badges for it!
I just love the idea of having anthros as badges, and don't seem to find much, so I would like to bring it to imvu in a helpful way! ♥

5) Create another set of AdoptHeads to donate to specific creators who help other devs!
I'm really heart warmed by the efforts I'm seeing some creators do just to help other devs who are struggling!
I don't have the skills or successful amount of profits as they do in order to do the help that they provide
but what I can do is what I do best! Which is give head!
So I plan on finding developers who have been using their own credits to donate to devs in need for their product submissions
and help them continue helping others by making and donating to them their own design of a custom head
to help them generate more profits to have at hand so they can continue helping more people!♥

Custom Commission Prices:
Payment Methods: IMVU Credits-PayPal - Trade!
please include reference pics of side, and straight front not looking down
and link or gift me ideal skins/facial accessories to be worn with for a proper fit!
Feel free to msg me for progress updates, I'm very patient and easygoing.
Average 14 working hours to complete each, currently unemployed in real life.

Derivable Exclusive Head
Can be derived by other devs only from your shop

40$usa/50k +25$usa/20k for opp gender
(AltPaymentMethod: Derive any 20 heads from my shop (any gender, diff sizes counts, 2tone doesn't count) and sell in your shop,
If you cannot afford that, I'll gladly cover all your sub fees ♥
Condition: You must change the size, Icons don't have to be fancy, but they must be clear, and final prod price must be reasonable)
+ 150 credit = my derivation charge
+3-10k for each diff version of same head
editing flaws free + lifetime guarantee
and will return mesh to your alt accounts once proof is given.

Personal Exclusive Head
You're the only person in the universe/alt dimensions/past/future who can have it and it's not derivable for devs

75$usa/100k + 30$usa/25k for opp gender
+1-5k for each diff version of same head
editing flaws free + lifetime guarantee
and will return to your alt accounts once proof is given!
No resale in any shop, but if you would like any of your friends to have it,
just message me their perfect copy/pasted username,
and send me 1 000 credits for each gifted head of your custom order you'd like me to give to them.

Public Heads
Available in my shop

No charge ♥ I gift it to you!
Optional: mention of your username, group/catalog banner on product page!

Derive From Cheaper Versions of Existing Heads in My Shop
No extra charge
Just hide and stop selling, deriving, and bundling my old heads
from my disabled FFrisbee account, since I get excluded from it's sales now @,@
Inbox Msg me for a time and date you're ready for me to quickly and temp unhide any of
my heads for you to derive and do as you wish with them.

These new heads are from a different "ancestor" than my old ones,
and are much more properly structured to be worn with a higher variety of skins
and revealing hairstyles like mohawks in confidence.
If you still prefer the style of my old heads, then tell me and I'll make a similar one
and even dedicate the product page to your products as a thank you and appreciation
for your support if you're unable or uninterested in ordering an exclusive custom.

please include mesh link for me to derive from,
as I cannot create any other original meshes other than anyskin heads.
Lifetime simple edits included as long as not sold to others
Total Revamps + 7k
ALWAYS Special discounts for any and all multiple orders

Exclusive Custom Collars
10k each

Exclusive Custom Club Rooms
Derivation + Submission fees +10k

Exclusive Custom Club Furniture
Derivation + Submission fees +10k

Cannot make clothing or skins!
Their texture maps are evil and costs me too much of my sanity! Sorry!
Piercings are cool though,
I dunno how much I should charge, I guess it depends and we'll discuss it...

Want to dev, but you're broke?!
Check out these groups who have been waiting to help you out!♥

No need to ever feel guilty and hold back on projects of your hearts desire!
These people have bounded together to help and support a strong community
to build a better place for everyone!
♥ Surpass your goals, and help support ♥
Your destiny is out there! Just have to reach out and grab it!

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My Wish List
*L Kiki's Padalynn*L Kiki's Umayli*L Kiki's Claws*L Nina's Leon*L Nina's Viq
*L Nina's Ears V1 Small*L Maim's Fur F*L Nina's Tail V1*L Nina's Rharisse*L Nina's Fur M
-A- Voishe Blue HairH/Voishe Fanatsy地|Voishe ryan3地|Voishe mintyH/Voishe Black
-A- Voishe Black Hairvoishe koyevoishe coralTEAL PUNKn| Bautista Siren
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