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"enjoy mistake"

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************* INTERNET PRESS RELEASE******

The Internet, May 25, 2008


Internet Professional Developer "LadyElvenstar" is currently in The People's Republic of China, using her artistic talents to assist in the recovery from the massive earthquake in Sichuan province. As such, all IMVU efforts have been suspended until such time as she is available to return to Internet art. All requests for Internet services may be made on the page of her Internet butler where they will be archived and stored for later address. A press conference will be scheduled at a later date. All content in this notice was approved by Internet Developer LadyElvenstar at 9am today.
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I would like everyone to know that I have chosen an IMVU page to officially support for overall #1 page! Please add Gingers as your friend while you are at her page!

It will be a great and difficult struggle, but with the e-support of all of you, "we" will undoubtedly be successful and you will see great rewards in the afterlife!

Also, did you know that if you leave a message to me on the refrigerator I have no idea who it is from? So please send your hate messages as a normal message okay

This window is so useful it tells you how to get to the page you're already reading! I love this country!
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Hi, nobody really pays attention to the friends panel, so I thought I'd address something that has been bothering me.

I did not direct, star in or anything with this music video. Please stop sending me messages about it I have no idea what it has to do with anything.
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Look! Stickers! Why don't you buy all of them and put them all on your page! It'll be great! Or don't. Don't buy any of them if you like things like poltergeists killing you.
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Operation Feed IMVU has been canceled due to being hijacked by people that irritate me.
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