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Hello there, my name is Crimsyn, and I'm a freelance artist who does a lot of furry work. I dev furs here on IMVU in my spare time, usually making customs for people. Otherwise, I like to make furs to sell as well. If you're interested, feel free to browse my shop. I enjoy creating unique furs and creatures, or doing species that others may not typically do. I'm usually on this account to to dev work, but you're welcome to hit me up for a chat whenever I'm available.

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Name: Crimsyn
Gender: Female
Location: Ohio
Relationship Status: Married
Here For: Chatting, Friends

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Crimsyn-Gryphon @ DA
Crimsyn @ FA
Crimsyn @ WZL
Crimsyn @ SF
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[CG] Morph Fur Bundle [F][CG] Monarch Fur Bundle [M][CG] Monarch Paws [M][CG] Monarch Hair v3 [M][CG] Monarch Hair v2 [M][CG] Monarch Hair v1 [M]
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Avatar since: 2006-10-21
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"Freelance artist who is also a gryphon."

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Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting
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