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Please send a message instead of a chat invite!!
The thing I do on IMVU most of the time is creating products, you can check out my catalog below. Any item you buy will be very helpful for me, and it will be even better if you could leave a review! I also like to make and collect badges.

I really prefer that if you wanna talk to me, you will send a message instead of a chat invite, since I'm not really talking on chats. If it says I'm online, it doesn't always mean I'm actually here. Please only talk to me if you actually have something to tell me - other than that I probably just won't have anything to say.
If you wish to get an answer from me - make sure you don't allow messages from friends only.

- My real name is Maya, and I'm from Israel.
- In real life I barely have friends, cause I'm not very good at talking, so I'm used to be alone most of the time.
- I REALLY like parrots and all kinds of birds, they bring light into my eyes. I also like penguins, rabbits and squirrels. In real life I have an albino cockatiel, a white face cockatiel, a goffin cockatoo and some fish.
- It might not seem like it, but I really like horror movies. My favorite is the Saw series, and movies based on Stephen King's books.
- I am a vegeterian. :) I decided it by myself, when I was about 5 years old.
- I really like to collect badges on IMVU! And like to make badges by myself when I have enough credits.
- I'm also a creator on IMVU when I have time. I started playing with 3D and even made some meshes. :)
- Anything else you can ask me. :)

Even if I wasn't online on IMVU, I get all messages into my active email, so if you need anything you can always message here and I'll get it.

Please scroll down the page,
to read about my CancerAwareness activity,
and how you can also help the cause. :)

My Badges
My Buyable Badges - click for prices and info for each:

- My Pistol Pixie badge is ONLY for people who donated 20k and followed the info on the sticker page. It is never tradeable or available in any other way.
- My Green Bird and Cockatiel badges are BUYABLE ONLY. They are NOT tradeable, UNLESS you wanna trade for a parrot or bird badge that is not autogrant, or if I asked you by myself to trade.
- My Blue Owl badge is buyable, and sometimes tradeable. I will only trade it for cute pixelated badges with a transparent background. Badges I LIKE: parrots, birds, muffins, squirrels, horror movies, vegetables, rabbits, snails, cupcakes, fairies... May trade for other things too. I will NOT trade for: text badges of any kind, badges with a plain background, triangles, letters, bad resized images, anything that is religion related, things in a jar, badges that are not pixelated, or half badges when I can't have the other half... Sorry, I just won't use any of those.

How To Get My Super Customer Badge:
There are two options to get my super customer spider badge, you can choose one and follow the steps.
As a customer:
1. Own ANY 7 or more of my products. You can either buy them for yourself (with regular credits or promo), or get them as gifts, but you must own them on the account who gets the badge. Things you bought in the past also counts.
2. Leave a 5 star review on all of them (this is a proof you own them).
3. MESSAGE ME with the names or links or product ID of all the products, and ask for the badge.
You will not get it unless you did everything AND sent me that message.
As a creator:
1. Derive from me at least 3 times. Derives must be GA, in a normal price (not exclusive), and at your public catalog (not private). You can derive from ANY of the derivable products on my catalog, same mesh or different meshes, recolors also count.
2. MESSAGE ME with the links or product ID of the things you derived, and ask for the badge.
You will not get it unless you did everything AND sent me that message.

- My Support Finch badge is autogrant, feel free to take it and use it. :)
- The tree branch on my bird badges can connect, so you can combine them into one big badge.
- I draw my badges by myself. If you donated and need help with drawing the badge you want, you can always message me, I'll give it a try for free. :)
- If you have any cute parrot or bird badge that is not auto grant, I'll be happy to trade one of my birds!
- If you have a badge that has a background, or is a resized picture and not pixelated, and you wanna fix/change it and don't know how, I'm willing to help with that, just message me. :)
- Sometimes you can also get my badges as incentives if you donate for a new badge I'm trying to make. In order to know if I offer the badge you want as an incentive right now, you can either message me and ask, or check if I have a donation thread at The Badge Gossip group.

Join the best group about badges:

Get this badge Cheappys Support Finch
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My Banner (if you wish to support me):

Random Meshes From My Catalog:

All of my meshes are made by me,
UNLESS it says that someone else made them on the product page.

Random Products From My Catalog:

My Newest Products:

Vanilla Cupcake + PosesVanilla Cupcake ChairsDerivable Cupcake +PosesCupcake Chairs + TableEmpty Grey Male EyesEmpty Grey Female Eyes
Special Someone
Cheappy has no special someone.

CancerAwareness is a project started by Jazzetta, where IMVU members collect credits. Those credits are then being converted into money, and this money is donated to American Cancer Society or to St Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Everyone can help by joining the group, use the badge, come to events, and advertise it.
Everyone can donate credits by either sending them to CancerAwareness, or buying things from the CancerAwareness catalog.
Creators can also help by either sending products for the CancerAwareness catalog, or derive from the list of derivable products on that catalog.
I have been sending a few products to that catalog, and also a few meshes for creators to derive.
When I first saw it there was only one mesh there, and I felt like I have to help having more derivable items, cause I think deriving from the catalog is the easiest option for other creators to help.
I invite all of you creators to have at least one derived item in your catalog to help the cause. :)

Here I'll post all the products and meshes I sent to the catalog, all of those were made by me but sent into the CA catalog.
All profits from those products or meshes are donated to the cause.
If you didn't find anything you like, please check out the full catalog for other products. :)

Derivable products:

Other products:


My Wish List
I'm willing to trade support banners with other creators, message me if you want. :)
Your banner must be GA for that.

Support Banners:

My Wishlist:

[KISA]DrkerBlushLryble[KISA]LghtPinkBlushLyrbl[KISA]SoloSkin:G: Frilly Frog~ shoes:G: Giggly Piggly chucks
Real light for Female*PH*Hollow-Out:Tees*PH*Fragrant Silky:ShirtKids Cute Dresser TVCA AwarenessRibbon Studs
CA Bana Hair Derivable! !Small Feet + BlueNailStarpetite Flowers[VC] Black Cap
[MP]Fashionablen: memory earth green /Fspacerspacerspacer
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