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Awareness and Early Detection May Save You!

Welcome to the Cancer Awareness home page. We are dedicated IMVU members, developers and groups helping all become aware of all cancers and working to help in the fight to find a cure.

Those on my buddy list & the groups I am in are the fellow fighters in this cause. The Cancer Awareness Group is where everyone comes together for information and to share with one another. Each month we have two events. A Meet & Greet Night for everyone to gather, chat and bring some new ideas to the group. The second event is a Gala to raise donations for the cause. Anyone is welcome to join us. If you wish to do more and be involved please leave me a message or contact Jazzetta.

Please copy the code below each of the banners below to display them on your homepage. By this small act you are already saving life..

Thank you for any and all support that can offer in this cause.

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The following items have 100% of their profits donated to CancerAwareness to help fight against Cancer. Credits are collected and donations are made to the American Cancer Society. Click on the item here or check the developers banners on this page to go to their catalogs.

JJ* Hope Teddy Bear, by Jazzetta

JJ* Centreplace Club, by Jazzetta

JJ* Hope Necklace, by Jazzetta

JJ* Cancer Awareness, by Jazzetta

JJ* Cancer Awareness II, by Jazzetta

JJ* CancerAwareness FB, by Jazzetta

JJ* CA Pink Ribbon, by Jazzetta

Zeke’s Cancer Bracelet, by FyreCure

Fight Like A Girl!, D33H0P3

Help Support The Fight !, D33H0P3

Hope 4 A Cure !, D33H0P3

[xTx]PinkY Button Dress, by ConQu3st

[xTx]Pinky Summer Dress, by ConQu3st

[xTx]CC Summer Flares, by ConQu3st

[xTx]The Pink Gala Room, by ConQu3st

[xTx]Pink.G. Chunky Sofa, by ConQu3st

[xTx]P.G Chunky Hangout, by ConQu3st

[xTx]The Pink Gala Seats, by ConQu3st

[xTx]Pink G.Pillow Puff, by ConQu3st

(m)*Cancer.Awareness* LT, by Mikki87

(m)*Cancer.Awareness* TN, by Mikki87

(m)*Cancer.Awareness* DP, by Mikki87

*ak* BIB Cancer Poster, by SassyDeeKitty

*ak* BIB Cancer Sticker, by SassyDeeKitty

*ak* BIB Pink Dress, by SassyDeeKitty

*ak* BIB CoffeeCup, by SassyDeeKitty

*ak* BIB Pink Halter, by SassyDeeKitty

*ak* BIB Halter Top 1, by SassyDeeKitty

*ak* BIB Silver Heart, by SassyDeeKitty

*ak* BIB Cute Tag, by SassyDeeKitty

*akBlueAwarenessRibbon, by SassyDeeKitty

BCA Pink Black Dress, by GnawtyGirl

L:: Fluff Tail:CandySnow, by Vyrhelle

L:: Fluff Tail:SnowCandy, by Vyrhelle

L:: Neko Ears: CandySnow, by Vyrhelle

L:: Neko Ears: SnowCandy, by Vyrhelle

V:: Penney: CottonCandy, by Vyrhelle

V:: Neko Ears: D. Poison, by Vyrhelle

V:: Fluff Tail: D.Poison, by Vyrhelle

Together For A Cure, by SirMattt

Together For A Cure, by SirMattt

Together For A Cure, by SirMattt

!Cancer Awareness! , by SirMattt

Leather CA Coat, by SirMattt

*CA* Awareness banner, by lilxleigh

uterine cancer awareness, by lilxleigh

uterine cancer awareness, by lilxleigh

*FD*Cure Sticker, by NickysFoxxyClo

*FD*Cancer Aware colon, by NickysFoxxyClo

*FD*Cancer Aware Breast, by NickysFoxxyClo

{D} Breast Cancer Chair, by AngelakaD

{D} Breastcancer chair2, by AngelakaD

{D} Breast cancer swing, by AngelakaD

Cancer Awareness Rug, by RC421

SG Pink for a Cure Dress, by stupidgyrl

SG White Evening Gown, by stupidgyrl

Cancer Awareness Tshirt, by stupidgyrl

SG Teal Cami & Panty Set, by stupidgyrl

SG Black Hope For Cure T, by stupidgyrl

SG Teal Hope Shorts, by stupidgyrl

SG Black Hope Shorts, by stupidgyrl

SG Teal Hope Tank Top, by stupidgyrl

[Belle]CA Dress Bm, by XxXMzBelleXxX

[Belle]C.A dress xxl, by XxXMzBelleXxX

Cancer Poof Tornado, by TMFTRAP

Cancer Poof Hole, by TMFTRAP

Cancer Awareness Room II, by TMFTRAP

[ST] Breast Cancer bed, by SweetenTart

[ST] Cancer Nap Bed v2, by SweetenTart

[ST]Fight Cancer Stckr1, by SweetenTart

[ST]Find a Cure before.., by SweetenTart

[ST]CANCER Gala Suit, by SweetenTart


[ST]RAVING LUNATICS! Pnk, by SweetenTart

2 year cancer survivor s, by Tessleo

5 year cancer survivor s, by Tessleo

10 year cancer survivor, by Tessleo

15 year cancer survivor, by Tessleo

~M~Cancer Awareness Bear, by Memento

Survivor, by ATsvSDvLight

Bladder Cancer (Sticker), by ATsvSDvLight

Breast Cancer (Tank Top), by ATsvSDvLight

Crystal Dreams (Earrings), by ATsvSDvLight

{TFB} CA Pink Korin, by TheFairBrigit

{TFB} CA Pink Fun Road, by TheFairBrigit

{TFB} Katelyn CA pink, by TheFairBrigit

{TFB} Hello Kitty Bear (F), by TheFairBrigit

{TFB} Hello Kitty Bear (M), by TheFairBrigit

Pink Diamond Earrings

Pink Diamond Necklace

The following items do not donated profits but do support the cause in helping people become aware. Click on the item here or check the developers banners on this page to go to their catalogs.

(Nat) Awareness Ribbon, by Nastassia81

Pink Awareness Ribbon, by Nastassia81

Cancer Awareness Tag, by Nastassia81

(Nat) Breast Cancer Egg (Large), by Nastassia81

(Nat) Breast Cancer Egg (Small), by Nastassia81

Cancer Awareness Sash, by Nastassia81

Cancer Awareness Sash 1, by Nastassia81

Cancer Awareness Sash 2, by Nastassia81

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The following groups are supports of the Cancer Awareness Cause. Thanks to all of them and their members for helping keep HOPE alive.

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A Click for breast cancer
Here is a free way to do your part to help fight breast cancer. One click a day can help save another person.
Thank you downhmegrl94 for providing this link....huggs.
Click Here

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