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My Interests
J e r m a i n e
T w e n t y - F o u r - M a y 2 0 T h - M a l e
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- Im weird, Im psycho-ish, Im a Panda Freak,im Random, Im me
- The Sex is Clearly, Im a Guy C:
- im happy who i am and always will be
- Im a Very Happy, Sweet ,and Generous Person, I never cant be serious Somethimes
- Im not a real talker. but more a Listener,
I like too help peoples with somthing or giving advise
-Treat Me Like Garbage and i'll Rip Your Guts and sell them on Ebay.
Star Zero Pictures, Images and Photos
- I dont Like being anoyed Or disturbed. The most of all. i dont like Serious peoples, Theyre Not funny I dont Like spoiled Kids. it makes me want too Puke, I dont like Musquito's. theyre like vampire's but then theyre Insects, I dont like too be flirted by a stranger, You cant Have me, C: I dont like sharks. Thay stink and stalkes surfers D:
Star Zero Pictures, Images and Photos
- My musical interest is very wide, i listen to everything. But there are some things i just don't like as much. but the most off all, its Jrock and metal
Star Zero Pictures, Images and Photos
- I like Surfing, Art , Graffiti, Horror, Gaming. Going too the city everynight, hanging out,Drumming, Tropical fruits, Ramen , RollerCoasters, comedy, and Traveling, But i like more things.. but this time i forgot XD
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There is someone, I really care about, a Family member, and a friend
C y b e r L o x x
Your the best sis that a brother could have. your Like a Best friend too me Theres nothing i can say.. You Rock. and thats The Truth ^^
M i s a k i i
When your here.. you give me a warm Fuzzy feeling Just like a Panda would have. its Like i found a special someone That is Here for me all the time. when your alone.. Im here for you, Your so Gentle sweet and Loving person. you dont diserv too be alone all the time. ^^ <3 You're More than a Best fried Misa-chan <33 i'll do & Try my best to be with you..
T o m m y
Your such a Bully that treats little kids like garbage. Like stealling their money or lunch + a Big Pervert... But Mine Favorite perverted friend :] ONLY MINE! you know how too make Me laugh somethimes.. You have sense of humor and i like that.. if nobody liked it.. you can kick them in the Nuts bby :D Or Vagina xD
Star Zero Pictures, Images and Photos
More too Come i think... [XXX]
Pic made by mine Lovely sister
Age : 23
Location : In your computer. crashing the system
O: hai o w o

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