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Hello my names Anastasia some people just call me Ana for short anyways here's a little bit about me... Moving on I'm a very busy woman therefore I like to be very straight forward with my opinions on just about everything. Moving on I moved to Toronto ON a.k.a Tdot...many years ago from Jamaica Manchester where I was born. Spent most of my life in Toronto hence the name TdotShawtii given to me by my lovely American friends. My hobbies consist of designing clothes both on IMVU and in R/L, sketching, writing poetry, painting, cooking, shopping at chic little boutiques around the city, graphic designing, listening to music,editing photos and finally hanging out with my friends. Anything else feel free to message me or invite me for a chat I love making new friends.
Shes one of the funnest girls I've meet so far. Not to mention done know she a islander like me. Every second of the evening we in the club looking more glamorous then the day before. She down to earth, funny as hell and cool most important of all shes a good person. All the bad minded people out there leave my sis alone lol "love ya

T.S. Iza Bella XXLT.S. Floral Print XLBT.S. Berry |Rouge|T.S. Hard Candy |Coco|T.S. Voluminous LashesT.S. Criss Cross |Heels|

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