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Welcome to my Reality

Welcome to my homepage.
Feel free to have a look around and leave a message.
If you choose to add me, I will usually accept it, but if you don't talk to me within a couple days you will be removed.

You are Always welcome to message me about my badges.
However, please view the badge tab first, it might just answer one of your questions.
All of my badges are now gift and receive (except ones in donations) as of 03/12/2019.

Music Playing on my Homepage:

Falling in Reverse - I'm Not a Vampire (reprise)
Grey Daze - Soul Song
Breaking Benjamin - Ashes of Eden
Shinedown - Monsters
Linkin Park - From The Inside
CORPSE - Agoraphobic

My song list changes quite frequently, but I do try to keep it updated.

Nothing is worse than a Limp Tentacle

About Me

I'm as uninteresting as they come

Name: Beverly, but please call me Bev, Bella, or Peeves
Age & Genger: 23 & Female
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic Asexual
Relationship Status: Forever Alone
I livestream on Youtube & Twitch under the name ArcticBev.

I'm the most vanilla person you'll ever meet

I have been on imvu since 2007 & I Do Not roleplay, so please don't ask.
There is nothing really to know about me, i'm quiet, quick to anger, unlikable, and overall pretty worthless.

If you really do wish to know me can send me a friend request and i'll accept.
However if you don't try to communicate with me you'll be removed. Don't add me if you don't plan on speaking to me.
I am an open book, if you ask something I'll answer, even if it's something stupid like "how old where you when you first had sex?"
The answer is I'm a virgin, and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon.

I love anything Harry Potter related, if you couldn't tell.
I love anime but stopped watching them for awhile, I've been getting back into it a lot more recently.
The most recent few I watched was Fruits Basket & My Hero Acadamia.
I also enjoy watching anytype of Asian Drama, I can binge 55 episodes that are 45 minutes long in about a week, that includes me working full time... oops?
I LOVE the historical ones (which is funny considering I HATED history in school).

I grew up playing video games with my older siblings, such as: Most games on the n64, DDR, Gladius, ect.. Xbox over Playstion anyday, but now I'm a pc gamer, I do stream on occasion, (links next to recent visitors) and it's mostly me playing Dead by Daylight, or Phasmophobia.

Linkin Park is and always be my favorite band, rip Chester.
I mostly listen to classic rock, but sense Gabbie Hanna has been releasing music i've been listening to her nonstop.
I sell badges, create on occasion, & do booty dps (check the "premade art" tab to see my premades, though I haven't made any new ones in a long time.).
You are more than welcome to check out my catalog, I was a pro creator for about four months, but became unmotivated, and then they updated the tier system, so i'm back to 0.
All my badges are gift and recieve unless they are up for donations.

Bye ♥
Nothing is Worse than a Limp Tentacle

Those I can't live without

Those close to my heart

Bootiful Badges


If you are interested in my badges Send me a message, I always reply. Even if it's just a simple question

If you are interested in my Badge VIP it's right below :D

There are stickers for all of my badges.

Badge VIP

All of my badges equal about 155k, but I don't want my vip to be an unrealistic amount.

45k or $30 - All my current made badges.

65k or $48 - All my current badges & all badges I make forever.

120k or $73 - FOREVER VIP for you & TWO friends

All credits will go towards future badges, any badges you have already will be granted to a friend, or alt of your choice.
If you already own a few badges and don't have an alt or a friend you want to send the we can discuss a discount.

Please do not message me unless you're really interested, Thank you!

Free Badges?

If you follow me at twitch.tv/ArcticBev I will give you (2) badges of your choice that are no more than 5k in my shop.
All you have to do is click the follow button (heart), then send me a pm telling me what account you followed with, along with the two badges you want.
I WILL check to see if you followed so don't lie about it.
If you follow me, I grant the badges, and then you unfollow I will revoke the badges.

Badge Sets For Sale

Get the full Harry Potter set for 24k or $16

Golden Snitch 1k or $1
Pixeled by Sirope

Hogwarts House Sundaes; 1k each or 3k for all 5
Pixled by xiAndreaix

I Ship Drarry; 2.5k or $1.50
Pixeled by Mion

Flying Ford Anglia; 2k or $1.50
Pixeled by Kyzaah

Murtlap Essence, Polyjuice Potion, & Felix Felicis; 2k / $1 EACH
All pixeled by Wxtch

BuckBeak, Hagrid's Cake, & Fluffy; 3.5k or $2.50 EACH
All pixeled by Sirope

Hufflepuff Robe; 6k or $3
Pixeled by Xien

Get the full Sailor Moon set for 31k or $24

Sailor Scout Transformation Wands; 2k/$1.50 EACH
Pixeled by Pantsu (Inner Senshi) & Aegon (Neptune)

Luna P; 750cr or $0.50
Sailor Moon Logo; 2.5k or $1.50
Pixeled by Wxtch & Mion

Pluto's Space-Time Key; 2k or $1.50
Pixeled by HisCompanion

Black Lady; 2.5k or $1.50
Animated Negaverse Coffin; 4k or $2.50
Pixeled by Peeves & Wxtch

Cutie Moon Rod; 3k or $2
Pixeled by Wxtch

Sailor Scout Hips; 6k or $4 EACH
Pixeled by MarluxiaAndropov

Get the full Markiplier set for 4k or $2.50

Markiplier; 2k / $1.50
Wilfred Warfstache; 1.5k / $1
Tiny Box Tim; 1k / $1
Pixeled by Sirope

Linkin Park Badges 1k/$1 each
All pixeled by Obscurity

Breaking The Habit

One Step Closer

Somewhere I belong

One More Light

Single Badges

Divergent Factions; 4k set or 1k each
Pixeled by: Sirope

Fantasy Swirl; 2k or $1.50
Skully Ice Cream; 3k or $2
Pixled by Mion & Sinz

Jo-Beth Casey; 5.5k
Pixeled by: Sirope

Reese's Chocolate; 3k or $2
I need Healing; 2k or $1.50
Pixled by Alexandrea & xiAndeaix

Birthstone Doll; Changes every month.
Buyable for 4k or $3
Images by Sirope

Blue Raspberry Popsicle; 2k or $1.50
Blue Raspberry Snowcone; 2k or $1.50
Pixeled by: Kyzaah & Fink

Once Upon a Time Book; 5.5k
Pixeled by xiAndreaix

Poisoned King, Nothern Queen, & Incestuous Queen; 3.5k
Pixeled by Jiggle

Alien Warrior; 4k or $3
Pixeled by Sinz

Dark Parasol; 3k or $2
Pixeled by Sirope

Burn For Me; 2.5k or $1.50
Pixeled by Obscurity

Senpai; 2.5k or $1.50
Pixeled by Mion

Forever Alone; 2k or $1.25
Pixeled by Obscurity

I Love You; 2.5k or $1.50
Pixeled by Mion

Don't Blink; 2k or $1.50
Pixeled by Thanium

No Guts No Glory; 4k or $2.50
Pixeled by Obscurity

Teen Titans Logo; 2.5k / $1.50
Pixeled by Sirope

Pure B*tch; 3.5k / $2
Pixeled by Obscurity

Iron From Ice (Game of Thrones); 2k or $1.50
Pixeled by Mion

Animated Duck/Rabbit Season; 3k or $2
Pixeled by Saffire
Made on Rosetta

Magical AF; 2.5k or $1.50
Pixeled by Obscurity

Zero's Tattoo; 3.5k or $2.50
Pixeled by xiAndreaix

Arya & Gendry; 10k or $6
Pixeled by: Sirope

Chinese Zodiac (Fruits Basket); 1.5k each
(msg me to find out other zodiac owners)
Pixeled by: Hagu

Cursed Blood; 2k or $1.50
Pixeled by NADJA001

Unbuyable / Retired badges

My Babies Angel and Riley
Unobtainable; Do Not ask for these badges
I will sometimes put them up for sale, but at a higher price.
Pixeled by PskyoDolly & Sirope

Soul of the Sea
  Close friends only badge, please don't ask.
Pixeled by Peeves

Winged Watcher
Used to be my group badge, now autogrant.
Image by Sinz

Badges Up for Donations

None at the moment!
With continuous support more badges will be added soon!

☆ Those I Support & Myself ☆

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Dat Ass

These are my current premades, I will do my best to keep this tap up to date. Size of Big Art is 818x1000, and you will get 6+ dp crops

I will try my best to keep this tab up to date.
Latest update: 06/28/20 at 5pm.

This Premade is on Clearence
Green Bun 4k / $3 Msg if interested

Dark Kitty 9k / $7 Msg if interested

Sailor Uranus 8k / $6 msg if interested

Chibi Moon 8k / $6 Msg if interested

Blue Demon 8k / $6 Msg if interested

Husky 9k / $7 Msg if interested

Bear 8k / $6 Msg if interested

Alien 7k / $5 Msg if interested
Will you be the Senpai to my Kohai?

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