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Adult playtime

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IMVU Stamp Club

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over 21's access pass holders only

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Naughty Am I

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imvusale.com mingle ground

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Modeling Agency PRO`S

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Sex Talk

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V4NY Fan Club!

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Samj8260 FAN CLUB

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AP Best Background and poses outfit contest

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Victorian Tea Room

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Wishlist Feedback

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Hottest IMVU Girls

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IMVU Top Royal Models

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Vicky_aLLy's Fun Club

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BFX Butterfly Effectory

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NightMinx Custom Tattoo's

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Freaky Streets

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Certified Swagg..

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imvu Vip

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The Amazon Sisters Of The Black Rose AP group

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Kingdom Of Sins - Dynasty Guild

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Weekly Oufit Challenge AP

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United Empire Of Dark and Light

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Your Lust Quotient: 67%
You are a very lustful person - and it sometimes gets the better of you!
You know how to hold back, but you hardly ever do.
fun, Computers, dancing, jokes, reading, Cooking, Singing, laughing, puzzles, shopping in real life and imvu
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