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We willna\' be fooled again!
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If you want to support me, buy your credits from Cassiopeia. This will help keeping my prices stable and enables me to make more stuff.

If you like my work, have a look at my Zazzle shop with non virtual products...

If you want to put my banner on one of your pages, use the code below...
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Although it's a nice gesture, please don't give me these things as present. I use the wishlist mainly as a way of memorizing products (for several reasons) and some products I actural won't use for myself.
My Sandbox

Frequently people ask why my "The Fish" product is so insanely expensive:

Well I made this product exclusively for IMVU and it was only meant to be a promotional item, not for sale. So the price is fixed, will not be altered and I cannot gift it, too (since about 10% of the price goes to IMVU, so I'd have to pay that).

Little Helpers

Sometimes developers want to derive from a product, but like to get rid of one mesh in this product. One way that works is to replace the mesh with one that is "empty". For those of you who don't know how to make such a mesh here is a xmf file for you, that should work.
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