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Welcome to Recycled Content HQ.
Current Development Status: Halted.
In short, my laptop was stolen quite a while ago, and the data wiped. My backups of Recycled Content on DVD quite apparently don't work, so all my textures, custom models... gone. I can only offer what's in the catalog, and no additional customer support, folks. So pretty much this tentacled lass has moved on from IMVU. Not much more I can do. I'm still letting you have access to my catalog of stuff. No sense in taking it away from people who might like it. Sorry. T_T

The History of Recycled Content:
Okay. Here's Recycled Content's story in a nutshell.
Recycled Content was originally going to be a
place that just did retextures of existing meshes...
Hence the "recycled" of Recycled Content.
But then, I started to make my own meshes,
so it really wasn't all recycled.
So there you go. Recycled Content's meaning,
in a nutshell.

Easy Select: Choose your gender!
. . . . . . .
(This is my ongoing attempt to let males see what is compatible with them, like the unisex items.)

I'm really sorry about the lack of new products. Ever since April of 2007, things in life have just gotten... well, overwhelming. I just don't have the time to devote to IMVU as much as I used to, and to be honest, I'm not sure who exactly I've touched the hearts of with my stuff. I do hope that those of you who have bought items from me really do enjoy them...

The Ouobaran Principles of IMVU Economics (OPIE)

Current Collections:

Newest Products:
RC RealBeam CannonRC Secona SwimsuitRC Striped Bum RibbonRC Prima SwimsuitRC Goggles (GT_GT Lens)RC Goggles (LT_LT Lens)
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You want my banner? Here's the coding for it! :D

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[url=] [img][/img][/url]

My Wish List
Stuff is cool. Even though I make stuff, I love gifts from others. :D

Oh, be sure to always get your free promo credits from IMVU: revisit the frst two sites after 24 hours to get more each day! The third site is a game you may play as often as you want! How cool is that? If you win a lot... maybe you could score some of my products for yourself. ^_^

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"Beneath our clothing, we are all naked."

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Want to know what I like? I love fan art, and I love making products. Pain in the butt is, I need my products to sell so I have the cash to submit more. Vicious circle, eh? Anyway... fan art gets turned into framed art that I keep in my IMVU room. :D So if it's good enough, it gets framed for all to see. A background of a color that is easy to edit out is preferred.

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