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United Kingdom
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"I love my 6music and my beautiful family 💕🦄💕"

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Hi! Thanks for cheaking my page out! ^^ he he I'm on here most of the time, so if you wanna' chat, all you've gotta' do is ask! ^^ Look forward to 'meeting' you! ^_^ er...I love hamsters?! They're sooo freakin' cute! ^^ Oh yeah, I don't do the whole cyber stuff, so don't even waste YOUR time trying! ^^ Hey, if you CAN'T get it in real life, who Am I to judge?! :P I also have a rule, NO BEGGING! (see begging 101 for Dummies!! he he ^^) if you beg, I WILL REPORT you & block you, I'm a layed back person, but BEGGERS annoy me!!! You have been WARNED! Also, I can't spell for all the cookies and cute little hamsters in the world, so please, excuse the spelling mistakes on here! ^_^ That is all, I thank you! ^_^
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting
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If you buy any of my product, I hope you enjoy them has much as i enjoy making them!! ^^ Thanks for the support, it's appreciated!! ^^
*FGP* Liona - Blood*FGP* Liona - Honey Comb*FLP*Liona Blonde & Red
*FGP* Lana blonde*FGP* Cheryle honeycomb*FGP* Cheryle Blonde
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Special Someone
You are the most lovey, smart and caring person I have ever met. We are soul mates I love you always and forever xxxxxoooxxxx
6 Music is my special radio station <3 I even married it... kind of ;) LOL. BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music xoxoxoxox
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If you would like me to join your group, please message me first and let me know what your group is about, otherwise I won't join. Sorry, but if you REALLLLLLYYY want me to join your group, you will at least let me know what your group is about :)
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My Wish List
World peace That would be soooo nice! ^^ This is really just a list of things that I'm considering buying! It's got quite long now, because there's so much wonderful stuff on here! ^^ Any gifts are appreciated though! ^^ Yeah,I'll shut up now before I start to sound like a begger! Oh yeah, I DON'T buy gifts for beggers, so don't even try! I thank you! ^_^
BlackRed BaileyTracy BlackRed HairTracy BlackPink hairOlivia BlackPink hair[Anry] Odas L Arm
☾ Eve\\ Corner Lash V2Sitting Selfie Pack (F)[Anry] Odas R ArmUntamed Pose PackLaying Pose Pack (F)
F| Senya CherryPortable Frying Pans ActN. Yadn3ysha . Heels*W* Nyx Bundle[MT] Delany . Heels

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