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Avatar since: 2006-01-07
Age: 31
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"Suddenly i see..."

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Apo have just "Apocalypse Please", a song of Muse..

In this forgotten space race under my control

Who returned from the dead?

Who remains (just to spit it in your face)

You know I don't want you and I never did

I don't want you and I never will

You wanted more than I was worth

And you think I was scared

And you needed proof

Who really cares anymore?

Who restrains?

You know I don't love you and I never did

I don't want you and I never will

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A PiX Of Me .. xXx

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Oh my buddies .. Some of them are my friends, the others are very cool , but i talk seldom to them.

However that may be, be that as it may i'm really lucky to have them

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Apo has no special someone.
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My Love .. lol My Idol .. Matthew Bellamy xXx

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My dears, i would to thank you for stoppin' by my page AND please, leave a message ^^ Generally, i answer, and i will visit your page ^^ I thank all of people who leave me a gift, and a message I kiss you, and i think about you ^^ <3 Smack smack ! <3

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The Great Band, Muse xXx

Wicked Black S AnastasiaBlack/Petal Long GothT[lP]RikeyDress 2| TorchTorch Striped DressRed garnet hair
Black aauroraBailey-Striped FishnetsVictorian wedding dressGothic Lace TopMorfran Manor    .
B&W striped Fingerless GLittle Love Nest(L) Spike Heel Shoes Bl(L) Black Shoes/Stockingwolf
White Loose SocksWicked Black Long GothTGothic Bath of PerilWolf (white)spacer
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