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Illusion is the first of all pleasures." - O. Wilde
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Welcome to my page. All I want to say, that I will NOT answer on your invitations, if I do not know you. Do not even try. Should also add, that one-two messages mean nothing to me. But I will answer on your messages. I appreciate attention. Also I will never add you as a friend, if you are just a nice person. First of all you should take my personality. Civility is estimated. Secondly: you should share my interests. I do not want to think hardly about subject of conversation. To be absolutely honest, I also do not like leading conversation all the time. So if you have nothing more to tell me, do not bother, please. I should look, like not nicest person, but I am not trying to be nice. Many people think, that I must be cute & sweet, looking through my pictures. If you are one of them, I need to say, that you are absolutely wrong. I am not Teddy-bear, so I wonnot value your excessive irrelevant coddlings. Hope, that everything is clear. My regards.

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