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★ Wєlcomє! ★

Hey I am Amy, Enjoy your stay in my Homepage.

In imvu I am dedicated to making Layouts and Artwork,

also I like to be Developer!

Likes: ᴀrt ✓ coffee ✓ ᴍusic ✓ ᴘhotoshop ✓ ʟayouts ✓ codes ✓ ᴘarty ✓ ᴅesign ✓ cinema ✓ ᴅeveloping ✓ ᴘhotography ✓ ᴛravel

Dislikes: Hypocrisy ✘ Thieves ✘ Beggers ✘ Dishonesty ✘

Languages: ✈ English, Spanish, Portuguese ◄

🍂 My Stream 🍃

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Amanda Cozy Room (Ap)

Webs | Weebly| Amanda Cozy Room (Ap)

▲ ѕρσиѕσя ▲

♥ ѕυρρσят ♥

☇ F.A.Q ¿?

ϟ You make Layouts and Art?
Yes, you can see the samples of my work
Webs | Weebly| Amanda Cozy Room (Ap)

ϟ I do more Custom layouts or Semi-exclusive that Massive

ϟ On some models Semi-exclusive i can change the colors and decoration

ϟ You take request of products?
Yes, normal and exclusive, I accept the request
unless i do not like what you ask, for prices send me a message

ϟ If you dont see a style you want,
just give me references and I will do it!

ϟ Doubts about prices?
Send me a message

ϟ If you have more questions, please ask me!

♥ FUSION Radio Mix ♥

ϟ ♪♫Agua en Marte conducido por La Marciana: Amy Mardock.

★ Programa de radio en vivo:
✔ Jueves - 7pm Hora del pacifico.

ϟ I'm on air Thursday 7pm Pacific Time.

✈ http://fusionradiomix.blogspot.com

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