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Look through my catalog and check there often. You'll find my banner under the support section :) Message me if you have any ideas. I only do grunge/vintage. sooo have that in mind. Thanks. <3
Hi there sweet thang. My name is Albany, that's my real government issued name. I come on here from time to time if I'm not too busy working. I love love animals :) I have 4 rodents: 2 guenia pigs and 2 hamsters. I like grunge and eating food. I currently date outside of imvu and been doing so for quite a while. Please don't come on my page asking for me to cyber. I'll roundhouse kick you. If you see anything you like, cool. That's nice I guess :)

You like my stuff? Good. Let others see that you're obsessed with me. It's okay, don't worry.
I'll update you guys here whenever anything happens. Usually if I go off of imvu for like a year or something along those lines. :)
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