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If you're using Internet Explorer, you're missing out! Firefox runs faster, loads pages faster, and it's got some neat tricks, like being able to see stickers below the IMVU advertising banner at the 'bottom' of the page =) IE can't do that!! Just click on the 'Spread Firefox' button below... =)

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Special Someone
AislinnORourke has no special someone.

AngelUponCloud --
Best-friend, girl-friend, sister from afar,
she's always there for me, even when she needs
a lift herself =) I love you, Sissypoo!!

Lola --
Best-friend, girl-friend, my other sister from afar,
You hasssss jokessssss!
I love you, Sis! =)

Method -- He always lifts my spirits, even when he's got problems of his own.

Every one of my friends is special to me, in one way or another. =) If I listed them all, and why they're special, my page would be ages in loading, and take forever to reach the bottom...

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My Interests

dragons books laughing "telling jokes" gimp "science fiction" "Anne Mccaffrey" P.E.R.N. "graphics programs" gimpshop "photoshop if I could afford it" Cool3D

Cancerian, UnitedStates

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