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Thank you to my supporters & everyone who has purchased my products :)! It really means a lot to me <3 Important: Please read the F.A.Q. section before messaging me. If your question is not on the F.A.Q. then of course you can message me. If I did not reply to your question/comment then you are most likely set to friends only and I am not going to add you to answer your question. ( I may also ignore any questions already answered in the FAQ section.) I also DO NOT sell or distribute my files to anyone. If you see anyone using my art, textures, images etc please notify me, thank you.

Customer Badge - Will be granted to anyone who purchases any 1 product [Stickers not included] & leaves a 5 star review. You may then request the badge by messaging me with a link to the review. :)

This is my one and only IMVU account. I do not own any alternate accounts or go by any other names/variations. I do not have an IMVU Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Deviantart unless otherwise stated.
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