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I am loved :)

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I'm finding a lot of things funny lately. But I don't think they are...

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Do you value the friends you've met and friendships you've made online?

Here are some simple rules you should follow:-

Don't ask for credits; your friend is not a bank.

Don't borrow credits you can't repay; your friend is not a bank.

Don't borrow money; your friend is not a bank.

If despite this you insist on doing any or all of the above, show some integrity and repay what you've borrowed. Why? You got it in one.

Your friend is NOT A BANK!!!

And in case you're wondering...don't do it to acquaintances or strangers either as they are also not a bank.

Everyone has financial woes of one type or another. Don't abuse another person's trust by taking from them that which you have no intention of returning.


Those of you who are on here looking for a way to relieve the boredom in your relationship should consider the following:-

Would you like it if it was your partner who was doing it behind your back?

People are not playthings.

Someone WILL get hurt.

Sometimes more than one person may get hurt; the person you played and your partner.

Don't play games! If you can't be bothered to talk with your partner about your problems, then its time to separate.

Don't keep someone hanging on because you're too scared/lazy/selfish to be on your own.

Stay safe online and remember - not everyone has honourable intentions when they meet you.

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