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A wise man once said....nothing, .....He listened!
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~ WorldWide Spiritual Connection ~
I am founder of The WorldWide Spiritual Connection.
A Spiritual place where all over the world may come to share experiences, events, ideas and thoughts on Spirituality.
No matter religion, race, age, sex, color or animal,
all are always welcome if willing to respect the group.
I have high interest in holistic healing and natural medicine.
I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher,
Magnussa Phoenix Reiki Grandmaster.
Click on below image to go to IMVU group

The WorldWide Spiritual Connection groups may be also found on Facebook, Friendster, Hi5, Multiply, Myspace, Orkut, Tribe, Yahoo, Yuwie and many other places all over the world.
We as a society have forgotten our connection with nature.
We are all from the earth and when it is corrupted
it will cause a reaction!

~*Our IMVU Public Spiritual Group Club room is here:*~
love, Peace, angel, Art, music, science, Dragon, animals, spirituality, Native, Indian, Sports, nature, Phoenix, martial, arts, Spiritual, computer, philosophy, ancient, Hindu, physics, Sea, Yoga, kickboxing
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I made afew Products to support my gift giving habit here.
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By buying these products, you are supporting random acts of kindness.
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(S)Quartz Energy Chamber(S)Secret Hidden Forest(S)Staff Of Protection
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Suppressed Medical Discovery: Dr. Robert C. Beck ( Cancer,AIDS, anything viral)

REALITY? - Give A Sec To Show Up

DMT, Dreams and Near Death Experiences

Pineal Gland & DMT [Real Info]

Power of Pineal Gland DMT

Cell Regeneration Is Here

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