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Age: 23.

Sex: Female.

Birthday: November 28th

Location: Dublin, Ireland.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Relationship Status: In a relationship.

Here for: Developing and RP.

My Friends

Listed in alphabetical order. Please buy from these wonderful people if they are developers.

AmazonRenu, Amortentia, Antithesis, Disequilibrium, Jamo, Jibrielle, Krystle, LauraLight, MaiaDes, NatalieMadness, Obake, Piplup.


Your frequently asked questions; answered here.

1. I might answer basic questions about developing if you message them to me.

2. I won't sent you credits/gifts/money. I will send you my badges though if you meet the criteria.

3. I accept customs for product icons and pixel text badges. Price depends upon difficulty.

4. I accept custom product orders. Price depends on difficulty and detail. Message me your requests.

My Badges

Please read through this section before messaging me with questions about my badges. If you message me and ask me a question which is already answered here, I will give you a copy and pasted reply to read this section. Don't send me any auto-generated spam messages from badge websites either. I will ignore and block everyone who does that.

You can find all of my buyable badges via my catalog.

Request-able Badges

Para/Paragraph RP: Requestable with proof that you take part in Paragraph RP. Do not ask for this badge if you don't do paragraph RP. Note that if you violate the meta rules, mix IC and OOC or god-mod then you will not get this badge. This badge does not make you better than anyone else, it simply shows what type of RP you partake in.

Tier One Roleplayer: Granted upon proof that you understand, and obey, the rules of T-1.

My Badges
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Get this badge Satanic.

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