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Hello !
Welcome to my HP, make yourself at home :P Cold milk is in the fridge.
Deutsche kriegen Schokokekse von mir :D
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Hi, my real name is Samuel. I like to design arts and products. I'm not professional but I really have fun in creating things. I like to giggle and make lame jokes xD I'm a smart ass, but only if I think you don't cry the next second :P I love the colors of the rainbow. Creating the NEON products started as fun an became pretty popular here.
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You can get this badge if you review a product of mine, and/or support me. Once you have reviewed the product, send me a message telling me which product you've reviewed. I will check it, and then I will grant you the badge.

the IMVU Content Creator Infinity Badge

If you don't care about your tier level, this is a badge for you :O But I have these rules: If you have at least 10 products in your catalog AND made a new product recently, I'll grant it to you, if you ask. Your latest product id has to be bigger than 10000000.

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I only trade those! Offer me your badge(s) and tell me, wich Ito Badge you wanna have - yes, it's that easy :P I trade badge for badge, size doesn't matter xD

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I grant this to imvu users, who are registered for at least 3 years. Well, not automatically :P

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This badge costs 10.000 credits. Yes, 10k for a lousy badge! Sensitive persons better run.

Proud owners: Lexi, Hymnicide... that's it for nao x3

NEON Content Customer Tier Badges - NOT GRANTING ATM (real life has me)

Granting rules:
Every purchaser of NEON products will get 1 point. Thank you for your credits :) Each Recipient will also get 1 point. Thank you for your interest in my products! And yes, you guess right, purchasers who buy for themselves will get 2 points, for buying and owning the NEON product. So, I will grant each badge according to the points, you have. These are the point intervals for each badge:

[Tier F Badge] 010 Points (grant amount 60,3%)
[Tier E Badge] 020 Points (grant amount 25,5%)
[Tier D Badge] 035 Points (grant amount 09,5%)
[Tier C Badge] 055 Points (grant amount 03,0%)
[Tier B Badge] 080 Points (grant amount 01,2%)
[Tier A Badge] 110 Points (grant amount 00,6%)

You don't need to message me for the badges. If you are not a NEON customer, please don't ask for the badges. As a NEON customer you get them anyway :D I'll grant them at the beginning of the next month, so if you are after my badges, please be patient.

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My in-client banner: samukun neon catalog banner

This image banner is actually a furniture wich I made to promote my neon catalog. You can place it in your room as an advertisement :D It comes with two standing spots and a flash application wich links you to the banner product site, to my whole catalog and to my homepage here. Thanks to all my customers!!! ~s~

Check out my alter ego's label catalog O.O Kamusun Label Catalog

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My Room

moebius room

Winterrrrrrrr :D :) :I
You see the boulevard "Unter den Linden" in the historical center of Berlin.
On the left side there is the German Guggenheim Museum, the "Komische Oper", the Russian Embassy and the "Bundestag" (not to confuse with "Reichstag" :P It is behind the buildings on the right side.)
On the right side are further embassies, apartments and commercial facilities. The building on the lower right is part of the Humboldt University.
At the end of the boulevard you see the "Pariser Platz" with the Brandenburg Gate. Oh, a new tower crane. And of course falsework^^ Always something to do here...

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