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Hi, everyone!

Thanks so much for dropping
by my homepage, and double
thanks for picking up and
showing off the Narksicles badge.

I read all of your messages, but
I'm sorry if I don't respond to
each and every one. It's a lot
to keep up with!

I may also not add you back to
my buddy list because I barely ever
use the client to chat. Sorry!

If you would like to communicate
with me or have any requests, please
join and post at Narco Obsession.

Also feel free to drop by my public
room, listed in the d3viant dir3ctory,
Through the Looking Glass!
Make sure to bring some friends.

MOP gif banner and n3cr0 lollipop
are by my talented friend Rameboez,
who is no longer an IMVU user.
My awesome layout is by Shengum.
Pixel emoticons on this page
are from catch-a-star.

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About me:
from Puerto Rico
platinum blonde
proud d3viant
alter ego


please display my banner!

In my catalog, you might find
some texture made by the amazing
PremierArchange, who kindly
shared them with me. Some hair
textures can also be found in
n3cr0phelia's catalog.

Some of my favorite developers:

pop purr shirololichan lydialiqing night appledolls kiti karmachan loki lollirot u3arigatou barbiedoll gingeebread abortivelove lumina 0pticon ange rainb0w annasassin corpsepuppet corpsedolly lillywalker clearwing premierarchange burntdoll lunatic breezy aedah luckzombie mayteval woolooloo ulver molotovcupcake morfelisia marymara morfelisia lisukitty cuppycake luceesky thedemonseth zeph witchxhunter sinmachine

Best sellers:

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member of:
d3viant-d3signs | Entropic Advertising | The Barter Bar
Kawaii Developer's Lounge | d3viant public dir3ctory

Do you collect stamps?
Use my stampcard!

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