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NOTE: If you need letters from a set you purchased and did not collect them all just ask me to resend them...
Hey Guys!

I usually have at least one badge or set I'm offering on pre-sale so check my catty often.
Check out my current pre-sales and badge bundles below. If you buy a bundle (or gift it even better) you and a friend will receive all the badges in that set and save a bunch from regular price. I will do my best to grant them speedily! (but sometimes im asleep or have stuff to do lol, plz be patient)Thanks!

Badge Bundles!

OG since 2009.

I do customs...but Im done cranking them out like I used to.

Aint nobody got time for dat!

But if ya willing to pay I'll do just about anything :)

My catalog of items includes mainly derivable accessories. If youd like to check those out please go here. If youd like to learn a little about how I make custom items or how you can, watch my youtube video here. You can also purchase many meshes of mine to use in your own catalogs. Check out which ones you can buy at my mesh page or catalog to pay with credits Click here to see my derivables

I'll be putting up more support banners soon. If ya'll would like me to display yours let me know.

Did you miss a few badges from the letter set you bought? Ask me to resend them to you just please have them displayed in your grid. THX!

My Badges
Get this badge "I LOVE" Badge~
Get this badge COOL BEANS
Get this badge My Hot Dog
Get this badge MY TACO
Get this badge Real Love Exists
Get this badge Mikes Grilled Cheese
Get this badge I Love Mike

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