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Welcome to the ICO Homepage!
See below for FAQs, if your question is not answered feel free to send me a message

- I can't access ICO product textures! -
Please join the ICO Textures Domain to view all our textures!

- Can I make a request? -
Yes! ICO specialises in accessories; please message us your idea for a quote or invite me.

- Does ICO have any badges I can have? -
Scroll half way down this page to find them! ICO currently has 11 public badges for you to take

- I have found a bug in an ICO product! -
Please report it to me immediately for a reward!

- I believe I have found a developer who is stealing ICO products! -
Please link me the product you believe is stolen. You will be kept completely anonymous during further action, and will be rewarded.

- Does ICO offer refunds on its products? -
IMVU has no official refund system. Please try before you buy!

- How long has ICO been developing for? -
Just over 5 years meshing!

- Can I add you? -
You can try

ICO - IMVU Cultivation Organisation

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Name: Seb
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