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小さい緑巫女 Α ℓιttℓє gяєєη мιкσ kαgσмє


かごめ ωσνєη вαмвσσ ραttєяη~

¢σηηє¢тє∂ вy тнє яє∂ тняєα∂ σƒ ƒαтє。Тнє мιкσ ƒяσм тнє ƒυтυяє

A girl of 20th century Tokyo, born into a shrine family, with hidden and latent miko magic discovers a New World...Is this girl the reincarnation of the great and beautiful miko, Kikyou?

Now tossed 500 years into the past and bonded to the hanyou Inuyasha, she is set on the quest to seek across ancient Nippon in search of Shikon no kakera; to repair the Jewel of Four souls...The alleged Shikon no tama...

*~*Fast Forward*~*

The year was 1999 modern day, and Kagome had been leading the dual life between the modern day and the Sengoku Jidai for about 3 years. At the age of 17, she knew then that shed never be able to give it up. Tribulations began in this year with a shikon shard induced curse given with the aid of the dark miko Tsubaki and Narakus will. The initial spell was broken by Inuyashas voice, but she was left with a few horrible repercussions. After this, Inuyasha managed to procure an estate in the Eastern Mountains from the Eastern daiyoukai, specifically for the miko for when she came to the Sengoku.

A year later they were sent down to the Underdark, one of the seven hells by an angry Kikyou later-and fought their way through there. 2002 Naraku utilizes his power and the shikon shards again to create clones of themWhich some still roam alive today. Following in 2003 a spell caster took Inuyashas soul and used his body as a puppet to destroy Nippon-and Kagome saved them by finding an ancient spell book and transforming herself to be able to fight. Unfortunately it wrought quite a mental price on Inuyasha and therefore also on Kagome. She was driven to the modern era where she became seriously ill for a couple months.

The year was now 2004, and with all the things that had gone on in past years-(including a hundred thousand things that were not mentioned) emotions were high and running rampant. Kagome had somehow graduated high school and had been accepted into a college, and a job at a Bio Tech corporation. She decided to run away from the Sengoku Jidai for a while, not telling anyone that shed gone. Least of all Inuyasha. That lasted two weeks before the hanyou hunted her down at her brand new apartment in south Tokyo and took up living with her for a while.

In that same year Kagome found herself more and more unsure of the hanyous feelings toward her, and was falling in love with a neighbor across the hall. Deciding to find out once and for all what Inuyasha felt she confronted him, sort of-and that led to her being marked and mated. Now, married in youkai terms, she discovered she was pregnant and had to drop out of college. After a time the two fled to the Sengoku after discovering that Naraku, after somehow surviving to the modern day without the shikon no tama, was the owner of the company she worked for. Once back in the Sengoku they went through another traumatic episode involving the Underdark and one of the surviving clones, and met the shinigami Hilde.

After escaping that-Kagome gave birth to a little girl in November and they absconded to the eastern estate Inuyasha had gotten years ago. They spent their days there, returning seldom to the modern day, till it was learned of Neo Narakus plots there and they had to return to interfere with that. They also returned to lawfully marry one another in human terms a couple years after their daughter was born. It was after this wedding that the pair conceived twins on their honey moon to Hawaii. Twins were born in early October of 06. Itazura and Daini. A couple years later, a fairies spell caused Inuyasha to go full youkai indiscriminately and he took Kagome while she was ripe. Resulted in the fourth to the litter, born on the last day of October, 08. A true baby hanyou girl, Seiyunakaand the little family has been going on since then. However they are trying to live their lives as well as they can-Threats are always on the rebound and they must wait for their enemies next moves so that they can protect their lives for another day!

"ιηυуαѕнα αη∂ ι αяє вσυη∂ ƒσя тσмσяяσω。"

 As  Kagome™

People who know me call me a Walking Inuyasha Encyclopedia…
I know almost everything there is to know fact wise about the original Inuyasha series, manga/anime both.
Don’t ask about the English Dubbed Inuyasha, because I abhor that with a burning passion.

But as that all may be so, don’t delude yourself in thinking that Inuyasha is my favorite anime. I’ve seen over 130 anime/manga series’ and I’m always looking for more~

And although my profile is based on my RP Kagome from Inuyasha, I am *NOT* Inuyasha’s Kagome. I’m me.

I. Am. A. Bitch.
And you’d do well to remember that.




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四魂の玉! 消えなさい! 永遠に!
Special Someone
You are the strength, that keeps me walking.
You are the hope, that keeps me trusting.
You are the light to my soul.
You are my purpose...you're everything...to me...
~Hey, it's me, I'm a freak, but thanks for lovin' me...You're doing it perfectly...I love you Koibito.

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