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Hey there, you silly stalker, you! ;o

I really suck at talking about myself, so here goes.. I'm 33 years old.. I do not claim to have gender or sexual preferences. I refuse to believe that gender, race or sexuality has any effect on the way that we dress or behave. I love coffee and loathe religion. I am a huge supporter of equal rights. When asked why this does not include religion, my answer is simple. Religion is against equality. I'm extremely opinionated. I very often speak my mind. I consider myself to be a Libertarian, tho I would never completely conform to any political party. I have a very sick, twisted sense of humor. If you have a weak stomach, you should probably avoid me. I love low budget movies, especially gore. I have an insane attraction to cute things. I can often be found in a public room. Stalk at your own risk. Just be warned that I often wander off and abandon my avatar.

I am a creator, so feel free to browse my shop and grab my badges off autogrant. You're even more awesome if you grab my banner code, too. I appreciate all of my customers and all of the support that I have had throughout the years. <3

I am also a mesher on my other account, Screwball. I make all meshes for both males and females. They are also already textured and ready to be worn as is! So check those out, too... And of course, even more badges can be found there! :D

I love your stupid ass so much.. I'm proud to call you mine.
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