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Avatar since: 11/28/08

Age: 41
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Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Looking For: Friendship

As of July 31/2014
Unconfirmed info on Creature known as "Sire"

Status: Lord of Crowford/Former Warlord of Aries as Rage
Full Name: Sire DragonChester Dehonor
Trained: Aries (God of War) Sire's half brother
Dam (Mother): Alpha
Sire (Father): Zeus
Race: Fire-Dragon/Demi God hybrid/undead Hell spawn
Bloodlines: Demi-God/Fire Dragon/Lava(Only when Raged)
Sex: Mature Male Dragon
Age: 3100+ (Estimated)
Eyes: Yellow Dragon eyes/Can see in dark/heat senses
Weight: Est 3+ Tons dragon
Height: Unknown
Color: Red scales/thick leathery skin(Like Croc Skin)
Health: Large amount of Health/Stamina/Very stubborn
Teeth: Large Sharp 12 inch teeth estimated
Venom: Healing/pleasure/seduce/calm/To kill
Claws: 4 Sharp claws/sharp hooked finger nails & sharper stronger then steel.
Horns: Horns are deeply scared/very strong/thick,They can put large holes into any stone castle wall.
Tail: Large long reaching sharp hooked tail/venom tipped
FireSkills: Short quick Fireball/Wide large area Fire blast/long trailing Fire Blaze
DragonSkills: Great strength/Long sharp reaching tail&claws/Thick scales/immune most Mele & Range attacks/can blend cloak in shadows/Dragons immune to most magic attacks/Dragons are magic/Venom/Fear/Dragon-Charm/illusions
Likes: Knights-boots/Honor/Love/Nature/Peace/Telling stories
Hate: Being tied/chains/crowds/GODS/lies/Dishonorable/Stress/being touched by strangers/Rude humans
Weakness: Cute Females/being soothed/Petted/Knight-boots/Furrys/Unknown

Family info & Sire's Owned pets
Kids : TrinDeHonor/DestinyDehonor(Mia?)/
Adopted : Rubyheartshards/Bella99799/StageActor/xxxbloodsxcreedxxx/ akatchasadler (Shadow)
Pets: Jenny(Guest_popcornjenny94)
missing Pets: Guest_Danianadarkcloud/
Adopted Family : N/A
NPC adopted Drakes: Red/Vale/Lucky (Played by me Sire)

I also Rp Vale a lot over last yr or so.. Not so much of Red or Lucky..
Lucky or Red could Rp by somebody else, If you are interested.
please Speak to Sire (me) or leave msg to me.
Lucky = Young Green female dragonlet
Red = Young Red male Dragonlet
My Sandbox
Background Story and Myth info (Unconfirmed)

Lord Stallion Chester, Father to Princess Trinnity Dehonor left there old home of Old Crowford approx about 400 years ago. The town, home castle was attacked by raiding humans, Lord Chester's Elven knights and humans knights stayed behind to give the Princess and the Lord time to flee North to the mountain to safety. Only few month early both Lord Stallion Chester and his daughter had learned that his Queen Josie was killed by the same raiding group led by Ares that attacked his home when he was but a child.

The Lord and Princess quickly fled to the north deep within the mountains where Lord Chester already had his backup plan in motion, leading his people to safety, but this is where all information starts to become of Myth. Where they say even though the wise stallion centaur lord had planed years ahead. Where had made caves into the mountains in case he and his people would ever need a placed to retreat too. But on this day that the stallion lord retreated into the mountains. He by mistake woken up a sleeping beast deep within the mountains.

Rumors are the Lord had hidden caves deep within the mountains, hidden and protected with strong magic where they stayed for a few weeks, Only to seeming to disappear off the face of the earth. All traces, all records and all knowledge the once proud Stallion centaur Lord and his daughter disappear never to be seen or hurd from again.

Monks/scrollers and wise men have searched and high and low all threw the rumor mountains where the Stallion lord and Princess once stayed, but all that was found was bits and pieces of evidence that less 400 years ago, A stallion lord once lived in these caves, protecting his people. And then they just vanished.

The Myth of these mountains are quite deep, with rumors that powerful godly raging beast sleeps deep in once active volcano, Where Aries the god of war had barried the beast known as Rage deep within the mountains, Sleeping peacefully deep within it's Lava, Waiting and sleeping in til one day again where he would rise up from the pits of hell and rage across the land again to put fear back into man.

This is also where they say about 200 years ago, The Lord Stallion by mistake found the sleeping beast known to man-kind as " Rage". That the Stallion lord tried to fight back the beast, only that in his last dying breath, the Stallion surrender to undead beast known as Rage where Rage consumed him and they became one

Other say that the sleeping beast simple killed the Lord, Took his name, his title and cracked open the earth with a powerful Roar that shook the ground, Where Rage crawled out from the pits of lava hell and took the name Lord DragonChester, As myth says the beast awoken from his deep slumber and took over the land and became the Lord we known today in Dragonic Forest known as
" Myth of Rage"
" Lord of Dragonic Forest- Sire DragonChester "
To this day, nobody has found any proof or documents of what happen 400 + years ago. Nobody really knows what happen to once proud stallion Lord Centaur, Did he really by mistake awaken an old god deep within the mountain?, Did he really fight the beast where he was defeated and this current Dragon we known isn't the real Lord Stallion Chester? Maybe the Dragon did take on the former Stallion Lord and defeat him, Taking his identity to hide the true evil nature of his past.

Perhaps the myth is true, but to this day. Nobody really knows, Only that this dragon came out from the mountains approx 400+ years ago and has stayed in this forest claiming it as his own land now. But the people who live in Dragonic forest now say that the land has never been safer and with many drakes and dragons around, The forest has never been healthier, in till the dragon Lord become upset. That is when his true hot dragon blood has shown the furry and deep rage within him, that even Myth and gods can not control.

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My Room

Light RP only:Mid-Evil/Peaceful/Make entrance/NKZ/No Drama/Be honorable/No annoy sounds/Forest watched by Large Dragon/Avi under 3k. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. DO NOT PISS OFF THE DRAGON OR ELSE

My Room

Special Someone
DragonChester has no special someone.

BE Forewarned, this Dragon will protect his heart,his soul with his dying breathe, Any who who dare hurt,upset or dishonor him in any way,form or fashion will be quickly dealt with by this dragon Lord and you can count on his dragon army will show up at your door step, ready to make you there next meal, with BBQ Sauce.

I am LORD DragonChester Dehonor of Crowford.. Hear my Roar!...
Choose your path wisely
My Videos

The Best dam Song to Mass effect 1 game and my all time Fav song.

Have wondered about you.
Where will you be?
When this is through?

If all. If all goes as planned.
Will you redeem.
My life again??
My life again.

Fire the fields, the weed is sown.
Water down your empty soul.
Wake the sea of silent hope.
Water down your empty soul.

Fight your foes, you're not alone.
Holy war is on the phone.
Asking to please stay on hold.
The bleeding loss of blood runs cold.

And I need you to recover.
Because I can't make it on my own.
And I need you to recover.
Because I can't make it on my own.

Have wondered about you
Where will you be
When this is through?

If all
If all goes as planned
Will you redeem
My life again?

Have wondered about you
Where will you be
When this is through?

If all
If all goes as planned
Will you redeem
My life again?
My life again?

And I need you to recover
Because I can't make it on my own
And I need you to recover
Because I can't make it on my own
I need you to recover
Because I can't make it on my own
I need you to recover
Because I can't make it on my own
On my
On my own
I'm on my own
This is or was best game I have ever played. I really enjoyed ME1-Me2. Me3 they total messed up at end, even after the "patch" to make sense. It still fell apart. The reason Me3 Fell apart at the end, simply because the same writers that wrote ME1 and Me2 was fired/let go in Me3. That is why Mass effect 3 was never as good as first 2.. Me3 was still good, but not as good as Me1 or 2. The whole lore and able to choose fell apart at the end. R.I.P Command Shepard.
I'm sure Bioware is working on 4th one, but they have totally hurt millions of fans out there with there "band-aid" repair of why things happened at end of 3. Simple it was sloppy writing at end and will hurt for very long time. This song is what I choose to remember my adventure with FemShep and MaleShep.
Check out original music video here.
M4-Part II Music Video


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