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Beauty is power like money is power like a gun is power.
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There are probably many things that you could call me, but online I am known best by the name Kiki. I am a fairly intelligent being, and I like to talk to other intelligent beings. That means that if you plan to tLk LyK dIs or type in any other immature and annoying way, then please refrain from speaking to me. However, I don't mind if you abbreviate certain things or type in a cute or adorable manner. I do that all the time. I can be as evanescent as a butterfly upon your hand. Sometimes I either appear or disappear when you least expect it. When I am upset, I tend to say things that I don't really mean. Don't take it personally if I seem to be angry with you. I just need time to calm down, and more than likely, I will apologize to you when I have. It takes a lot to make me hold a grudge. I love music. There are so many genres that I listen to. I would have to say that techno/trance/electronica, rock, and classical are my favorites though. I love to travel and I want to go everywhere that I've never been. I hate it when people confuse art with pornography. Why can't people see the beauty in paintings like Botticelli's Aphrodite anymore? I am a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. I am the kind of person that wants to swim with dolphins, learn to play the harp, violin, and piano, learn to speak Japanese and Scottish Gaelic, and see the Aurora Borealis in person. I love gifts (giving and receiving them), so if you are my friend, keep your wishlist updated. You never know, I might buy something off of it for you. If you plan to give me something, just check my wishlist. I tend to update it regularly. There is so much more that I could tell you, but I'll shroud the rest of myself in mystery, allowing you to find it out on your own. (Oh, and for those of you who actually read my entire About Me, you have my most sincere respect. Not many people tend to do that these days.)

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Lauren is probably the oldest friend I have on IMVU and she deserves this spot more than anyone on here. <3
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