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Psss, I'll be in Warframe for a couple months, contact me on there, yuikami
FYI, I'm a cave troll, I don't like social, I just like laying lazily in my little room and create things, painting and busy with cash-only commissions, so... No IMVU commission, No adding stranger, No request, No gifting, I will not let you use any of my finished texture, I don't sell files, I will not draw for you, I have ZERO tolerance against anyone with attitude. I'm not stuck up, I'm just another human being who likes being alone and try my best to avoid things I dislike so I can preserve my concentration for work... and games...

I barely log on imvu much
I'm extremely busy with university works and commissions...
(and games... Yuikami's Steam)
If you need anything I'll be here Yuikami's Tumblr
Specially from people with no manner.
Unless it's digital painting commission
where details will be in my Deviantart

Some people may think I'm a bish or an arsehole, too bad, I am, so?, cry me a river or get butthurt about it, I don't care :D I'm nice to people who are nice to me, crap as people who mess with me first, just like other ordinary human beings. I'm not being a dev to feel cool or superior like some people want to think, it's just fun doing 3d modeling and painting texture and it makes me happy to see cute stuffs. I don't care if people sucking up to me or not, as long as they are friendly, I'll gladly open my arms to anyone, simple as that and if you're butthurt over something that has been done years ago that I have nooo idea of, too bad for you, go cry in your emo corner 'cause I'm not here to please you or anyone, I'm just here to have fun making product that I want to ware or what I could sell, and hang out with people who also has fun hanging out with me, that is all.

Yuikami, The Fool.

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Avatar since: 09/18/05

Age: 31
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Iamma ghosttttttttt
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting

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