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Here's a little something about me, seeings how this is the About Me section of the homepage.
Well, let's see, if you haven't noticed yet from my home page I am a true,
natural Drago-Wiccan, NOT PEGAN, there is a BIG difference between
the two. I am an Elder of the Art and am quite proud of being so. So please,
DO NOT mistake me for a Pegan. It is very offensive to me.
Thank you!

What is a Drago-Wiccan?

We believe many centuries ago, Dragons did walk the Mother Earth to help heal man-kind and blessed our founding Prietress with a beautiful gift of healing, in return of this gift, the dragons only asked that she spread this 'gift' amongst her children to come, which she did.
We are not witches, warlocks, or even satanists (as we have been called for many. many centuries). we are true believers of the healing powers from our Mother Earth. We believe in being one with nature. Showing our love and passion for it, using what was giving to us so long ago that has been long forgotten by man-kind.
We do not look down on anyones religion, so all we ask, is not to look down on ours. Everyone has their own believes, such as Buddah, Alla, even the Christ child. Just because we celebrate more than one god/goddess does not make us 'evil'.
Blessed Be and Merry Part, Well Journeys to All Who Come to My Page



Dr. Fenius J. Spinner

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