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I am no longer an active member of the IMVU community & haven't been for quite some time. IMVU was fun for me while it lasted, but alas, all good things come to an end. There are many reasons why I am no longer on IMVU, but one of the biggest reasons being, is that I just simply grew out of it & have ventured onto other things. To those who have left me messages/compliments/comments etc, I am sorry I have not replied but I do thank you for the kind words you have left me.

~Please take note that any messages that are left will NOT be responded to or even looked at.

~ Should you have any serious questions/problems about any past products of mine, please contact IMVU, since I will not be able to assist you.

~This account will remain active so people will still have the option to buy past products & so that those of you who have already purchased my items will not lose them.

I do miss some of the friendships I made through IMVU, so if we hung out on here & you'd like to keep in touch & reconnect, shoot me an e-mail at eccentricvisions@yahoo.com.

Thank you for your understanding & support. Take care & be excellent to each other :)

- Dee
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