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My Name Is Lady Nadine Celestria, I am the desendent of the Last King Ashtar -my Human father.With in my veins flows Vampire Blood and Dragon's blood. I do not really age.I have the ability to walk with-in the light of the sun and the dark of the night. I am the Ruler of the Kingdom of Celestria.There are four additonal Kingdoms with-in Celestria: To the North-Celestria's Temple Range-The Kingdom of the Oracles; to the East-Celestrias's Mountain Range-The Kingdom of Magical Wonders; to the South-Celestria's Volcanic Range-The Kingdom Of Magical Creatures; to the West-Celestria's Forest Range-The Kingdom of The Elements
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[LM]Love Sweater-RedA-RL SEXY LEATHER BUNDLECHERRY PIE DENIM BUNDLE~nau~ Eman nails peacock~nau~ Eman peacock heels
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June Birthstone Set*LY* Caramely Bndle! Desire Bundle RLRicca bundle RLCTG SPRING DELIGHT V2
Sienna Full Jewel Set*A*GOWN ELEG.ALICE BUNDLspacerspacerspacer
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I Love you as certain dark
things are to be loved, In
secret, Between the Shadow
and the Soul
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