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[GB] Light Brown EyebrowGUCCI NECKLACE.CB. Louis Vuitton Bootspink gi fur!YLS! ChanelBag
!YLS!BlackSweaterW/jeansLOUIS VUITTON BIKINI.CB. Louis VuittonLOUIS VUITTON NECKLACE$R$ Louis Vuitton Purse
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"its the Glamour that kills ...."

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Special Someone
xFath has no special someone.
XxOWHITEOxX-He is just an aweesome guys , he is my imvu brother and i LOVE him :D he makes me laugh hahahaha =} shamanamana Danny :D

Suiiciidal-she is aweeesome i can talk to her for hours . ily <3

crisowa- she makes so much fuun ^^ ily <3

story-special :P ily <3

santacruzer- Alex is the 2nd one i like on here :] he is great to talk to *i wish you lots of funny moments with Marina* ily <3

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