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I am SilentObscurity on here
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This is my little corner of IMVU, my little area to write about who

I am and what I do on IMVU for whomever may want to learn more

of me or my roleplay characters as I do roleplay multiple


About Me

Just to keep things short. Those who know me as a dev know me as Moon and those who know me through rp know me as Eros. I've been a member of IMVU since 2008 and have been roleplaying since 2005 starting on a website known as Gaia Online. I am married to the love of my life and she's given me two beautiful girls. I am a proud father and loving husband. I am a gamer, i play PC and Xbox 360, various titles on both though mainly World of Warcraft on PC. I am nice but soft spoken. I tend not to say much unless i feel it is important so if you hang out with me on here, expect random moments of silence because i've ran out of things to say. I love to read and write and this reflects in my roleplay. I do not discriminate based on roleplay styles and try to be respectful to everyone, however I lose respect once i read someone say, "OMG Not reading that... To long." I believe the basis to have a good time in roleplay is to be creative, have fun and be respectful to one another. And that is me in a nutshell.

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My beautiful wife! I love her more than life itself! She is my reason, my life, and my love... Without her I'd just be... Another ordinary person... I love you wifey!
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