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Cute cute!!! Wanna know me? Add me and I would like it!!! Tell me how is my avi looks like too!
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
I can make some avatar that like model for 50 credits or a gift! I'm Ryne...Wanna know me more? If u invite me for chat and it's timed out because I'm not infront of the computer,Very sorry! Leave me a message and keep in touch with me! Have a wonderful day and muah =p...
Special Someone
Hey she is so kind and nice! She is the one of my best friends in imvu...She is great! If u hurt she and I will knock ur head! So I wish her happy forever! Thanks ^^
Others special someone: VintageXx,Rennifer,Lucyloversyou and Lydialiqing!
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The person who get me 500th gift and I will get back her/his a gift from her/his wishlist! Thankies...
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~*x0xÃ?iamond Couture*~ >.< T.T ^.^ Feel free to leave me a Valentines Present...That's my valentine wish! Thanks ^^
*u3*Minxi BlackJ_E Love [Outfit]ANN 2 tone mini PINK(Cc)sweety*pink&black*[LYN] Silver Pink Top
[LYN] White bubble Mini[LYN] NOZOMI choco brownspacerspacerspacer
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>.< T.T >.^ "=.= ^_^ These are all my outfits that made by me...Pretty? Hot? Sexy?Or Cute?
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The 3333th visitor will get a gift and the visitor must tell me by message! If not,she/he will not get a gift from her/his wishlist...Thankies ^^

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